8 Things that Make Your Online Review Website THE BEST

All must have heard this proverb- ”First Impression Is The Last Impression” This quote not only applies to your personal aspect, but also in the professional aspects. If you own a website, you must have connected the proverb with website look and working. If your website is messy and unclear to the visitor, they will just press that dreaded CLOSE button and get exit from the website.

Let’s now discuss the things that make your online review website THE BEST and resist user not only to stay on your website for long but also make them return frequently.

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1. Look Good and Work Excellent

The combination of “Look Good and Work Excellent” must be followed by your website. This means the website not only look good, but also work excellent. Your website has proper navigation and menu. You have provided all the help and guidelines on the website. You can say that website look is just simple beauty and flawless working website is beauty with brain.

2. Be Clear About What Your Niche Is

Decide what your website is all about, then plan to make your website describe itself. Whatever your website niche is all about, your website must say it without any explanation. It should answer three questions without making visitor read the about us page-
What’s your website?
What your website do?
What can user do here or with your website?

3. Add Value Proposition That Convert Visitor To Write Review on Your Website

When any visitor visit on your website, your website must compel the visitor to stay and stick to your website. For this your website should be a place to nail your value proposition so that visitor choose to stay on your website for long. The concept is simple that a value proposition explains the primary reason why the visitor should write a review on your website and how it will help the visitor/others or what benefit his or her review can make. So make your website to present your value proposition as the first thing the user sees on your home page.

4. Make Account Creation Process Simple

Don’t make your visitor to fill a long form with unnecessary questions. Most visitors just want hardly 4 or 5 fields of the login form and that too asking simple personal question. Visitor even prefer to get login access through Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter, so make your login page to make the feature to also create an account with social media profiles.

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5. Make your Website Optimized for Multiple Device

Many times you overlook to check whether their website is optimized to get opened in all different devices with the same look and feel like it get opened in desktop version. If anyone is using a mobile he should not face difficulty while navigating your website and should not get “flashy”object pop up during browsing. The website should not make user to zoom in and see what is written on the page or look for scroll to slide the screen.

6. Attractive Calls-to-Action Button

When your review website also makes user to buy products, you need to add effective calls-to-action button to direct your visitor what he need to do next. Make your buying process secure and simple. Calls-to-action tells the user what he needs to do next so that they don’t feel they are lost in the middle of the buying process.

7. Excellent Content, as Content is the King

When any visitor visit your website, he surely navigates what your website has for him. So why not add some interesting content that makes user feel interesting to read and stay for long on your website. So analyze your theme, then add great some content by keeping visitor in consideration. These content are for your visitor not for you. So post content what the visitor likes.

8. Following Google Guideline

Last but not the least make your website that properly follows Google guideline. There are many rules and regulation for effective search engine optimization. Never go for black hat SEO to rank well. As black hat SEO show result in the short term, but result are not long lasting. Google doesn’t like black hat SEO they will penalize you. So be fair and plan your SEO steps and follow Google Guideline.

To summarize, your website need to make it the best online review website
Fast loading pages

Minimal Scroll

Consistent layout
Prominent and logical navigation
Cross-platform/browser compatibility
Screen resolution


Though it is very critical to optimize all the points in one go with your website. However, you can implement all the good thing with your website if you plan the things and want to implement it. Just remember “A good website is created by efforts.”

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