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The common ADVERTISING trends Nowadays

What is ADVERTISING ? The answer to the question is quite simple. It basically means to promote any product in the market, to convince people to buy something which they might not need in general, in whole advertising induces human beings to want things they don’t want. The descriptions of this have now made it more of a racket than a business. Everyone does something worthy to earn their living, but people in advertising never do anything useful to earn their livelihood. They cheat customers with attractive lies. Advertisers even use the language in irresponsible way.  Thus commiting the worst crime while advertising.


It is often clearly seen the people in this field advertise the most unnecessary things; they create a want for the most useless things. For example, people craving for meat is natural so we will hardly see any advertisement of meat. The advertising of meat will be on negligible scale. However, no one is born with the craving of tobacco, and the advertising of tobacco on other hand is on large scale. Though it is a fact that tobacco is injurious to health ye people advertise it on a large scale just to increase their production and profit level.

Hence, it is clear fact that the advertising people thrive most for the useless commodities such as tobacco, under-arm pastes, soaps, fairness creams, unhealthy food and drinks etc. There are advertisements of fairness cream on whose use the girl would become fair in complexion but a human bearing a dark complexion cannot become fair no matter which all creams he/she uses. Hence, the great evil of advertising is not just that it is unproductive or wasteful but it is its idleness.
Further ahead advertising not only does the unjust to people but also the language. The English they use to advertise their products is even more disgusting. It uses many of the words without even knowing their actual meaning. The use the word which they find will attract people the most. They do not care for meaning, spellings, grammar. And after all this they do not feel anything wrong done in that.


Now this is not all, there is seen a great traffic in the field of advertisement. Young youth becomes the target of the advertisement most of the time them that they leave home in search of work in the field of advertising. Each smile we see in advertising, or on magazines, holds hundreds of weep in the back room, and all the smiles we see are vanished just with the flash of photograph. We are always influenced by the upper beauty and never look what all must have cost to bring that beauty to us.

So though advertising brings into light many of the products we dream off. All in all it is a creation of a want where a want does not exist. Therefore, one must leave such kind of business of misguiding others, fooling others, making someone unhappy just for our benefit and stop this hopeless work and earn living by actually doing something useful, something which would make someone happy, something which would make us happy as humans.


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