Apply for GST Registration within a few steps and free from worries

Indian tax system has always been a story in itself and when we see its history its totally diverse and ever changing, whenever a new tax system is introduced people start questioning its authenticity and start giving their comments on if the taxation system introduced is good or bad and how it is going to affect their lives, goods and services tax is no exception to this and faced even more friction from any other taxation system introduced in the country.

GST has played a very important role and is responsible for good amount of tax collection by the government. It has made sure that no amount of tax has been evaded and the assigned authority is able to collect all the tax. Under the provisions of GST one has to get himself enrolled or registered and the process is very simple, to apply for GST Registration one needs to follow simple steps and then they can sell and purchase goods within the country from anywhere.

Steps to be followed to apply for GST?

The major steps to be followed are as follows:

  • Generation of GST application form which can be done by going and visiting the online portal of official GST government site form where you need to move from service to registration to new through which you will be able to fill in by providing all the details. After which you will be sent two OTPs which they will send ta your mobile number and to your email id after which you will be awarded with TRN number and you have to use that again by clicking to proceed and again you’ll be receiving again an OTP which is going to be different from the earlier OTP, once you have filled in your OTP you can now proceed and save your application.
  • Second step in this process is filing of application form, you can log in again using your TRN number and then consult with your tax consultant or CA to suggest you how to go about it, you required to keep a copy of account number along with the IFSC code and a proof or registration of firm or business and a series of steps will be required to be filled with all the ten tabs with the help of tax consultant.
  • The third step in the process of how to apply for GST Registration, this talks about registering your digital signatures which will serve as proof of your consent or disagreement, this is an important step as even the LLPs and other companies who are willing make their signature and give consent through the mode of electronic signature, they serve as a very good option for quick and speedy authorisation. Hence digital signature’s registration is also included in this to give and provide extra layer of protection.
  • Fourth step in the application process is verification and submission of application procedure, which involves verifying by using e signature, DSC or EVC number and one is good to go. This is the last and final step in the application process of GST and you will be awarded with application reference number through which one can track their progress of application status and once it shows application approved you’ll be awarded with GST number and other details required and voila you are good to go.

These were few easy steps on how to apply for GST Registration and this is the easiest and safest way of conducting and carrying on a business, as tax is not a liability but an amount which we owe it to the government for all the facilities that they provide.

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