Can any company challenge Google?

Besides being the finest search engine on internet.  Google Android and the Google Glass technologies are taking the communication to another level. Communication is no longer restricted to telephones, mobile or social networking site. It is now quick and comfortable with a variety of mobile Apps. Google has helped in introducing the new App revolution. Which is a new way of staying in touch with the close ones. Now the question arises can any company has the ability to challenge Google or not. Google has recently evolved as the tech giant in the mobile domain.


Currently Samsung has evolved as the greatest challenge for the Google and Apple owners. With new technical innovations like Google glass and iWatch they penetrated the market, however, the Smartphone consumers have steeply inclined towards Samsung devices. The all new Samsung S4 is packed with features and thus taking the company way ahead of other device makers.

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It is a synonymous with uniqueness and endless resource provider. We want a information, it is immediately searched on Google. Today many does not says, look for it on internet, instead Google it is commonly advised. In the online domain, today there are countless search engines starting from Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc, however the Google is mostly used by net surfer. For any and every search people type Google and uses the Chrome for internet surfing. Thus, the online giant has forever surprised its clientele with innovation and amazing concepts of networking. In short it can be said that the online industry is majorly supported by it. Though currently It is facing steep competition from other companies as it is exploring and penetrating new areas in the technology market, yet their ability to innovate and simplify system will always help it remain at the top.

Google Nexus

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The easy way of accessing the search engine or social networking or new mobile innovation like Google Nexus and Google Glass are worth mentioning. Such technological approach and innovative ways of using technology to simplify life will though face competition, however will always be appreciated for original thought and offering unique services at an affordable rate. For e.g any one can use Google Adwords for promotion or use the search engine for collecting information for free. Such endless services are not possible from other companies. It is there is any and every online services and has always made internet more useful for the users across the world.

Thus, though there is competition in the market, It is  regularly used by its dedicated clientele.

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