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Email: A fast technology in this digital age

About Email

Development in the IT sector today has changed our lives. We started with pigeons to send messages, then posts and letters and now there is Email. It is the easiest and the most convenient way to communicate with a person who is thousands of miles away from us in few seconds. Electronic mail, widely known as e-mail is distributed from one person to another via the internet. This unique feature introduced by the IT sector has made our live so easy by suggesting such means of communication. It is an inexpensive way for communicating with one or numerous people even without even moving a step.

E-mail is a fast, direct and reliable means of communication. By which messages can be delivered within seconds with a safe and secure system. E-mails can be sent to one or more people without any boundations with various documents and media attached. E-mail has transformed the digital world completely. Professional to personal emails is sent. Emails can be used by individuals, business or a company to communication to others quickly and efficiently.


Today, everyone knows about instant messaging and emails but emails are more appropriate and encrypted to send and personal or professional data. Writing an email is as simple as writing a letter.

Mailing data, conversations with family and friends are common. Emails are used by the people for personal conversations which generally include sharing of pictures. Talking about the health and discussions on personal queries and also for communicating to those who are living miles away. The questions usually used in such emails are about the health, the happiness in the family etc. Email is also used by the faculty, staff, student staff and students in any institution to communicate.


The major discussion is about the coming events, exams, class schedules etc.  which helps everyone to know about the work assigned to work in an efficient manner. The questions widely asked by the faculty are about the preparation. The progress of events which have to take place in the near future. The students generally ask about subject notes, reference books and class schedule and timings from the teachers which help them indeed. The student staff discusses about the management of the events which include question like the itinerary of the event, the chief guest and the preparations of the props required.

Email and students

The students mail information and discuss the making of the group projects. Now the job applications are also sent through email. The people aspiring for the job generally mail the application attaching the files which has the resume. The companies receiving these applications analyses all the applications. Then revert back with questions like the extra activities opted by the candidate, the reasons to select them and why the candidate is liable for the post which helps them know the candidates properly.

The last but not the least, there are various businesses (small scale or large scale) require raw materials, contacts with numerous wholesalers and retailers to sell finished products. The businessmen generally appoints officials to place and receive orders. To file any complaint about the purchases made which is majorly done by the means of email. The businesses usually have queries about the price of the products,durability of products and the required amount of products. The wholesalers and the retailers discuss about the mode of payment, warranty period. Actual requirement of goods according to the changing tastes of the society. Writing an email is also used as proof as it saves and stores mails, help you to get a hard copy and delete the spam emails.

Email Writing

Email writing has helped the society to stay in touch for those people for whom communication is difficult because of the different time zones. The MNC’s like TATA, Reliance, Infosys etc. can know about their different businesses all over the world. The students , teachers, commoners, businessmen and other officials use email for communicating. And use the beauty of writing to enhance and to give an impression with their catchy phrases. Which help people to connect easily and to express themselveswell.

As once quoted, “ A person expresses more through his writings rather than expressing through words.”

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