Should Every Business Start Working Online?

From past few years, it has been seen that it has become a hot topic for many business to still stick with the traditional marketing or move on with the new era of marketing i.e. online marketing. However, putting some light on different sizes of business , we can say that the already well established companies are still with the traditional marketing or have move forward with a little bit of online marketing. But, the start-ups are investing money as well as time in the online marketing. The reasons why they are doing so might make you shocked. So, let’s have a look over here:

  • Cost Cutting:

Investing money in traditional marketing can cost start-ups a lot. Putting their ads in magazines and newspapers or even in the billboards can cost them a hundred thousand. And still the results are not measurable. Whereas focusing on online marketing we can say that we don’t need to invest a hundred thousand in just a one go. The results are measurable too.

  • Brand Awareness:

With online marketing, you can go all around the globe. Using traditional marketing you can showcase your product or service in front of the local audience only. But, going along the way with online marketing you can make your product go through many of the eyeballs or in simple terms you can reach all around the globe.

  • Quick Service:

With the help of online marketing, you can market your products in an incredibly convenient manner. The customers can track their products in an easier way. And you can give them an experience of shopping from the ease of their home while sitting in the room with a bottle of juice.

  • Maintain Healthy Relations:

Gone are the days when your customer will misplace your business card and will go to the other buyer that would be more nearer to them. Through internet marketing, both you as well as your buyer can capture the email addresses for the future handiness. The email address would help you with the valuable information.

  • Ads on Online Portals:

As per the traditional marketing businesses used post Ads through newspapers & magazines. The fact that new tech generation doesn’t have that much time to read newspapers or magazines can’t be ignored. But, doesn’t mean you can’t post Ads nowhere. You can run campaigns that could be easily targeted by filtering demographic factors and giving you high measurable results as well.


We can conclude that time has changed, ways of marketing has changed and the strategies too. But the main focus of reaching to the customers is still the same. Start-ups like Bigbasket, Zomato, Stalkbuylove, Urbanpro, Paytm, Quikr and the many more are growing at a pace & had dependent fully on the online marketing. The results of their success are in front of us. Now, it’s your turn to sit again with your notepad and a pen and to think ones again what to do next.

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