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The Rise of Patanjali

Rise of Patanjali –

Reading school History books might be boring but to see History unfolding in front of you, there can certainly not be anything more fascinating than this. Patanjali soaps, Patanjali shampoos, Patanjali oils,

Patanjali facewash, Patanjali surf, and the list is endless… It is a movement in History to witness the rise of Patanjali which has not left any domain unchartered.

Nobody would have construed this mad rush for Patanjali products when the company modestly began

with its basic amenities. However, It has become metonymically associated to Ramdev Baba whose

products have gained aggressive popularity, leading the initiative to develop into a massive business and

a prominent household name. Enthralling in the success of the chain, the company is giving “Hard

Times” to the previously existing companies selling Ayurvedic products like: Dabur, Colgate-Palmolive,

Garnier etc; who had formed goodwill over time but now had started facing crisis of existence as

Patanjali has become the fastest moving consumer goods (FMCG) company. Within last two years it has

encroached 77% of the market according to the recent statistics.

Success Story

 Ramdev Baba has become a business tycoon overtime. Having a keen eye for observation he took advantage of the time when people were becoming complacent and prone to scientific products made of chemicals. However, the advent of Patanjali at this hour brought a swerve in the consumer industry who without much ado switched to Ayurvedic products made from natural herbs and would be more healthy for the increasingly conscious generation. Through this healthy regime it has destabilized the

popular multinational companies who are now introducing multiple ranges and varities to match up to

the products of Patanjali. Devender Chawla group president of FMCG and brands says that the

companies are now “tweaking their existing products to include herbal variants, which in turn has grown

the overall market.” For example Colgate has introduced the cibaca vedshakti brand to the market.

Moreover, The demand of the day had shifted to being ‘healthy’and ‘natural’. It is on this mantra that now all the

existing companies are trying to counterattack the competition and fulfill the needs of the king,


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