Is Social Media a Better Platform for Businesses?

There was a time when it was a really hard task to send a single message to someone. The pigeons were the medium through which people used to get in touch with each other. Then, an age came when telephones became an intermediate between people. And in the era of 2004 Mark Zukerzberg launched a social media platform by the name of Facebook.

Social Media

The famous social media platform is used by the people to chat with their friends, to upload photos of them. But, when facebook was launched had anyone thought facebook could ever be used by businesses too? Well, Mark Zukerzberg had might not thought at that time. As the time passed on new technologies came. Even many other social media platforms came into existence like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Snapchat too. As it is well said “Old is Gold”. So, in today’s time too facebook is the most famous social media platform. Even many of the businesses had started using facebook to grow their presence. Let’s have a look how they are getting benefited.

  • Email-subscribers:

Once a user likes their page most businesses try to shift their user’s attention to a traditional mode of communication and starts focusing on using their social users into e-mail subscribers by asking their social followers to sign up for their newsletters. And they do so as there are high chances of email subscribers to engage with them.

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  • Reaching to the Masses:

Having presence on social media will not only help you reach to the masses but would be beneficial for you in another different way also. Let’s assume someone is searching on Google, or Bing, or other search engine. If the keyword they searched for if your account or site has that keyword then it will pop up in the search results and might give you a chance to win a new customer for your business.

  • Grow Your Connections:

Posting on regular basis would help you in growing your connections. Everyone likes something new and posting new posts will give you a chance to grow as many as connections that would be your target audience too. As social media is popular so just imagine sending your message through a popular identity would surely make you popular.

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  • Cost-Effective:

No one wants to spend unnecessarily. Having your social presence would not only help you to reach buyers, would also help you to reduce your costs. If you think of running sponsored Ads then it also it won’t cost you a lot. A small budget would be sufficient to advertise on facebook.

  • Customer Service:

Social Media would offer you a unique opportunity to setup your customer service and offer instant gratification to your target audience. This will help you to showcase how much you care for your customers by giving a memorable experience and will ensure that no inquiry gets unnoticed.

Hurry up to become popular on social platforms and it is well understood now social media is no longer optional for businesses.

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