Interior decor

Interior decor helps in making the right decisions that will create an interior that reflects personality of the occupants and one which they are happy to live in, work or travel in. In addition,  The contents of this module focus on furnishing and decorating an interior space or an enclosure. Examples of interiors/enclosures include homes, vans, schools, trailers, restaurants, workshops, factories, offices, hospitals etc. All these enclosures serve several basic purposes e.g.

  1. protection against weather
  2. provision of privacy
  3. storage

Our lives are centered on interiors and most of us work, study, shop or travel inside various buildings, vehicles and other enclosures. Moreover, Arranging furniture in our rooms, buying new furniture, buying rugs and carpets or even choosing a paint colour for a house, are some of the activities most of us must have been engaged in, hence, interior design should be of interest to every one.

Most of us have a natural need for beauty. Moreover, This is especially so in the interiors we live in. In addition,  Achieving beautiful interiors is not a matter of chance. It requires careful planning and attention to detail.

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