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Festivals come and go, valentines day or anniversary comes and goes and many other occasions the same, and we forget or leave the idea of gifting something special to our loved ones. If one cant plan something good then one can atleast care for giving a gift. Well for us lazy bums its not necessary to lie down in despair because you are not good at creativity.  We overall ignore because we think that handmade craft was not our thing since we were born, it was something that we could only be gifted with. So for once let the others who are good at it, handle it for you.

We have here a list of people who could make your occasions be the most happiest and memorable by creating for you the most creative and evocative handcrafted material for your loved ones. All the DIY stuff you see online, well they can make it for you and that too at a reasonable price. Ranging from a collage to decorative material, from calligraphy to hand crafted bookmarks, you can get it all over here. Follow these people through websites or their own platforms to order some arty crafty creative gift.

Here is list of 5 online sources you can ask for making handcrafted materials:

1. craftinessbynaaz:

Handled by a creative and hard working one girl army, leading her craftsmanship through college life. She has the most cutest looking gifts ever, like this cute little olaf and shinchan book mark.  

Just follow THIS LINK and admire the list of things she can make. Spend some time and choose amongst the finest of gifts to gift your loved ones.


2. indiancraftalley:

This is a special website as well as a instagram handle that you can buy exclusive Indian Handicrafts in USA. This website provides free shipping and also right now they are providing 10% for first time buyers using a coupon. All the material here is hand crafted by Indian artisans.

Follow their website through this LINK


This instagram page supports solopreneurs selling their hand crafted stuff online. It also has a WEBSITE that sells all sorts of stationary and cool stuff. Go to their website to pull off good deals on books, stationary and much more. Also they have delivery of these stationary at your doorstep. You can also opt to DM them for your needs 🙂

4. Indian Crafts:

simply wishing to decorate your house with Indian traditional and cultural imbued designs and decorations. Then is the perfect spot for you to find the best set of suggestions for what you need to buy to make your house perfect. Grad an eye at these beautiful set pieces and set an aura to your home ambiance.

5. Giftcart:

Are you bad at choosing what to give? Go to this WEBSITE and it will let you know what would be best for your loved one through a series of questionnaires about what he or she has interest in. It provides a series of options for people of all ages, ranging from kids to elderly. You can start your journey of choosing the perfect gift through the gift wizard. You can also avail for some personalized gifts like a self photo bottle, or a custom cushion.


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