All about a Sensational Color Black

Many of the girls have been saying since their teenage days “I’ll stop wearing color black as soon as a darker color is available”. What might be the reasons for saying this, have anyone ever thought? Without any hesitations many of the girls without even thinking about the reasons have loved their black pants, black leather jackets, black shirts and even the black shoes. Starting from the Head-to-toe everyone has found black as the easiest, chicest, and most foolproof way of getting dressed with this sensational color. Let’s check-out the reasons how black has become the only color that deserves to be in everyone’s wardrobe as well as a worth wearing color:

The sensational color Black

You Don’t Need to Worry about Matching:

Black is the only color that matches with any other color very easily. You can pair up black with a striking color that will add sophistication, boldness & a dramatic look.

It can flatter every Skin Tone:

Black is one of the colors that suits every skin tone and gives you a look that makes you look sexier.

You can Look Mature:

It’s the perfect color for the one who is short in height or for the one who wants to look mature.

It’s perfect for every season:

Black is one of those colors that can make you look perfect with its authoritative and powerfulness in every season.

Never Goes out of Fashion:

Just like neons, they can still be out of fashion after few years but black is the color that won’t be.

Make you Look Thinner:

As it’s a classy color well-known for the clothing, it can make you appear thinner and more sophisticated.

Above were the reasons why everyone is fond of Black Color. But, do you know black has different meanings all around the globe. In Chinese Culture, black associates with water, north and winter, in the west a color of mourning & in Aztec Culture, the symbol of religion, priests that won’t wear any other color than black.

Some interesting facts about the color black from all across the globe are as follows:

  • England is the only country where the superstition of spotting a black cat is not to be a bad luck, instead it is a thing of good luck.
  • A person thinks a box in black color weights more than the box in white color as black implies weight.
  • It symbolizes the combination of all colors of the universe.
  • Black color is regarded as the color of sophistication in fashion.
  • An old tale claims if a women is buried wearing the black color, she’ll come back haunting for her family.
  • Black tulips and black roses appear to have their birth from a fairytale world.
  • Black flowers can cool down the hot colors, like fire-engine-red ‘Lucifer’ crocosmia or hot-orange Mexican flower.

 All the above were some of the reasons and interesting facts.

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