In this wedding season most of you must be welcoming the new family member in the family. And with that you must be learning how to adjust with the situation. With this prosperous and amazing start of your life there will be a lot of situation where you will have to adjust and the first and foremost comes the sharing of your room.

Trust me, turning the bachelor pad into the smarter bedroom for growing family will seem as the most difficult task in life. But, here we are to help you and guide you throughout.

Here, are some of the important Tips that would help you turn your room into the perfect place for newly- wed couples.


The usual and mostly faced problem comes with the space. As we believe that there is not enough space in our room to adjust your spouse’s stuff too. There are some basic necessities that would include: Bed, Lounge, Study, Dresser, Storage space and Bathroom that has to be adjusted in your room. Well! No need to panic or worry, all you have to do is design the room smartly.

# Tip 1

save space

Welcome in the Queen Size Bed and go for the wider side tables as it will provide you extra storage space.




# Tip 2

Try to find the space to adjust the chest of drawers in the room as it will provide you with the storage without consuming larger space.




# Tip 3

You can also go for the shelving system to make the proper use of the room height. And use the space available in wiser way. On these shelves you can easily adjust your books, decoration pieces and trinkets. This is a best way to save space.





# Tip 4

You can also opt the idea of combining the wardrobe and bathroom and make use of the corner space.




# Tip 5

Use of Sliding shutters for your wardrobes will definitely help you reduce the circulation space. And provide you with extra storage in wardrobes. This is a best way to save space.





These are some basic tips that one can use to utilize the place efficiently. compromise is all you have to do when there is no other option. with wedding comes huge responsibility so, be alert and smart with the interior design. choose the interior that reduce the c\circulation but increases the storage and looks beautiful.

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