Top 8 Decor Tips for Your Kids Room

You might have noticed your kid least interested in eating the food placed by you in the plate. What might be the reason behind it? Well, sometimes the food arrangement looks mouth-watering to us, but doesn’t appeal our kids. And, kids are more attracted to a plate having number of dishes plus with attractive different colors. So, parents need to understand what attracts kids the most and not to do that looks perfect to us, instead first think about the likings and disliking of the kid. Then take a step forward. We cannot say that kids like a plate full of different dishes with different attractive colors, we can simply refer that the bright colors are one of the aspects of sight that help them differentiate between objects.

Decorating your kids room

Colors play a really different role in every kid’s life as well as our life too. As colors have a power to affect a human’s mood and can have a significant effect on us as well as our developing kid. This is the most important thing to taken into consideration the color and the arrangement of each and everything when designing their bedroom. The warmer colors like yellow and orange is known to bring happiness and comfort, while the red is known to increase the heart rate and the cool colors like blue and green tends to have a calming effect.


Some of the Tips that can help you design your kid’s room:

  • Try to create an art center with the help of a wainscoting and painting the wall below the chalkboard paint. You can get chalkboard paint as per the choice of the colors of your kid.
  • You can use temporary wall tattoos and allow your kid have a living in a room that is fun decorated.
  • Make sure your kids get display space. You can purchase Galvanized metal that in expensive. Just mount on the wall & your can kid can have a ready magnetic board.
  • If you are painting a dresser or furniture, ask your kid to help you by putting a signature with his handprints or fingerprints to have a polka-dot design.
  • Try balancing color choices by asking your kid to choose the color of his/her liking.
  • Use the paint that glows in the dark. You can draw the stars and the moons on your kid’s ceiling or just draw a cityscape around the edges of the room.
  • Hang the pictures of postcards or of different animals or fruits too. You can hang them with strings in front of a window or clip them to a string.
  • Ditch the traditional growth chart and arrange a border around the room. Each month you can put the child’s handprint in the border. Watch them grow together.

 Above were the Top 8 Tips to decorate your kid’s room keeping in mind what things attract kids the most? Using the above tips you can not only make your kid’s happy and comfortable, you can have the best memories of your kid’s childhood.

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