Creativity lessons from our childhood

Creativity lessons From Our Childhood

As we grow older, all our energy gets used in day-to- day duties and responsibilities. We forget what it

means to be creative, young, have fun and we all sit and reminisce our school and college days.

When I look at young kids around me, I’m in awe of their child like wonder and innocence. I too want to

be carry that enthusiasm and joy every day. We’ll show you how these creativity lessons to help your child learn more.

Here’s a list of a few things we all can learn from children-

  • Being curious:

    Children are extremely curious as they are experiencing everything for the first time. When they aregiven a crayon and paper in their hand, they will first observe and inspect the material before going ahead and using it. They keep asking questions on whatever they see as they need to know the answer to understand and grasp the situation.As adults we forget to observe. We make assumptions quickly without understanding the whole


  • Making stories:  

    Children imitate their parents or other adults and re-enact their actions. It is a form of expressing themselves as adults as they are their ideal person.As a kid I would pretend to be teacher and teach imaginary students in front of me. I would hold a ruler in my hand and would even scold some of the naughty kids. As a child, I was making up the story in myhead and acting it out. We can also start creating our ideas into a reality.

  • Born Salesperson:  

    Children are natural salespeople. Do you remember the first toy we asked our parents to buy for us?While some children resolve to nagging their parent so that they will finally give up and buy the damnthing; some kids use different tactics such as giving reasoning, using tricks to try and convince the parent. But they will not give up until they have the toy and do not care what the people around them are saying.As adults we lose the ability of being good salespeople. We get conscious and worry about what the

    person in front of us will say.

  • Imagination:  

    Kids find creativity in everything. Even the most mundane objects will spark their imagination and they will find some use of it. My brother would use different kitchen appliances and pretend that were parts of a car. He would act asif he was driving it and the plate would be the steering wheel.As adults we lose our imagination over time and become rigid in our thinking. We need to relearn how

    to imagine from children.

  • No judgements:  

    A thing that I remember of my childhood was that I was extremely confident. But as I grew older,people’s expectations, society’s judgements all made me doubt myself and made me a little less confident every day. Children are very confident as they don’t care what adults are saying about them. They do not judge

    anyone for economic status, wealth, etc. They can befriend anyone and enjoy being around people who

    are friendly and open to their stories and games.

    This is something we adults should definitely learn from. As we grow older we start to associate with

    people who are in our social status, who dress like us, and we tend to look down on people who aren’t

    like us. It makes us focus on superficial things and makes us lose out on what is real.

    I hope that we all learn to appreciate living life fully just like children and I’m sure we can live with the

    same joyfulness and positivity that they have.

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