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Highlights of Digital India Project initiative 

A campaign which was launched by Government of India to ensure that all the government services are available electronically for the citizens of India. This can be achieved by the improved online structure and also by increasing connectivity through the internet. Digital India Project News is one platform which was actually invented or created with the intention of growth of India in terms of electronics. The country would grow in terms of technology and get digitally empowered. The government is planning to shift from e-government to m-Government which means “m” is “mobile”. The mobile means that every individual will be able to easily access their accounts on mobile and receive all the benefits of being completely digitized.

Below are few initiatives which are a part of Digital India-

Swachh Bharat Mission Mobile App:

This is an app which can be installed on Android phones. It helps different organizations and also the citizen of India to access information regarding cleanliness. This app helps to achieve the goal of swachh Bharat mission.

National scholarship portal:

This is an online portal which consists of complete information about the scholarship process. The beginning of filling up of the form, application, and verification, everything can be smoothly done in this portal. The government scholarship programmes can be easily claimed through this online portal.

This is an online platform which engages the citizens in that particular government through an approach which is “do”, “disseminate” and “discuss”. Discuss is the platform where discussions can be done on various topics which can be shared among the individuals. At the “do” the task of interest can be chosen and done as applicable. Digital technologies are actually used variously by all the individuals in our day to day activities from the retail stores to government offices.

Digi Locker

It is service which was launched by the government in which an individual can avail this facility. It is an online locker where all the important and valuable documents of any individual of the country India can be stored. These documents can include driving license, pan card, voter ID card etc. Sometimes there are unfavorable or unavoidable situations in life where we may lose the documents like at sudden death or during any natural calamity or theft. During those times Digi locker plays a very important role in life. The saved documents can be always retrieved online. This facility can be availed by every individual who registers and opens an account in the Digi locker.


It is a 12-digit identification number which is issued by the government of India for the residents of India. Every individual can register their mobile number with that AADHAAR card and thus have a unique identification. It is issued to every citizen of India. It is one common centralized as well as a universal identification number. It is a biometric document which stores all the personal information of that particular individual in the government database. The financial life of an individual can be made easier by the use of AADHAAR card.


This is an online registration portal which helps the citizen of India to avail the facility like online medical registration, payment of medical fees and fixing an appointment with the doctor too. The diagnostics reports like fasting blood sugar, total cholesterol, TSH etc. can be always obtained online. The reports can be discussed with the concerned doctor and accordingly, medication can be taken.

Wi-fi hotspot

There is a plan to provide high-speed wi-fi hotspot connectivity all over the country. This will improve the digital connectivity of the citizens of the country. This is also a big step for making India a developed country.

Next generation network

This network is launched by BSNL, this network would replace the previous telephone exchange. Different types of tasks like data, multimedia, and other communication tasks can be done via this electronically. India will become a developed country. The monitoring sales and taxes become quite easy when there is digitization. The customers will receive a bill for their payment and the merchants will be bound to pay the taxes to the government. The government cannot be cheated and thus the economy of India will grow with time.

We were aware of all the benefits of Digital India Project News, still, we are unable to avail the facility due to ignorance. There are many sectors which have not able to understand the benefits of digital India. In order to make our country India a better place to stay and on level with other developed countries, digitization is a must. Every individual needs to understand the direct proportionate relationship between digitization and the growth of the economy of India.

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