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Advanced Guide to Content Marketing Just for You

So you came to our page to get the advance guide to content marketing! Sounds cool! Actually who do not want to convert their site visitors into buyers? So, you are landed on the right place! If you are looking for ways to increase your visitors and want to turn them into customers, you just have to master the art of Content Marketing. This marketing tool not only increases the lead generation but also provide your blog with a decent income source without sounding like a sales guy.

Here we bring you some ultimate guide to advance the learning of content marketing. Keep on reading…

Are You Really Aware of What Content Marketing Really Is?

Content Marketing is a tool of marketing which involves the creation and sharing of online materials like -videos, blogs, and social media posts etc. in order to promote a brand and stimulate interests to its customers.

In layman words, it’s a marketing strategy which uses your content to increase customer’s engagement and your sales.

In traditional marketing, you will earn money by posting ads, publishing paid reviews, using paid membership sites etc. Whereas in content marketing strategy, instead of showing ads to your website visitors (to make money), you’re providing them with valuable articles, videos, Infographics for free. The more you give value to your content, the more people will listen to you and this creates a trust overtime.

Benefits of Content Marketing-

  • Mastermind stroke or you can say marketing strategy to turn visitors into customers
  • This marketing strategy educates your readers
  • Helps you understand better about who is your audience
  • This marketing tool boosts your sales
  • Content marketing will also help in attracting a good amount of quality links from other blogs

Introduction to Advanced Content Marketing Strategies-

Building customer’s trust and a strong foundation are the main keys to content marketing. All you have to do the first step is to know who your target audience is and what they are looking for. Before diving into adapting content marketing strategies, you need to understand your audience. You will need to figure out the biggest problem your target audience is facing and made your plans accordingly. This planning will help you the biggest to create a perfect content marketing strategy plans that will help you to create what your audience really wants.

Create a Content Plan

Just follow these 3 simple steps to launch a solid content marketing plan J

  1. First thing first! Figure out your ideal posting time and day, make a posting schedule and post your information accordingly. Remember, you don’t need to do daily posting but you need to be consistent with your posting schedule. If your readers are aware of your posting schedule, they will come back to check your updates and posts. That will be the great strategy to bring back your visitors to your sites.

  1. Google loves detailed content over short articles, so make sure your article should have quality content with around 1000-2000 words. It’s always a great idea if your write detailed ones. It will make your audience to think that you know what you are talking about. It will obviously boost your search rankings as well.

  1. Analyze your competitor’s doing. It is very important to know what your competitors are playing on their business. Find out their posting frequency, social shares, headlines, all things to better understand their content creation and marketing strategy.

You Must Have to Be Everywhere

One of the simplest ways to promote your brand is to be everywhere your brand requires to build more customers, brand recognition and lead generation. Don’t worry, we have your solution on how you can do this.

  1. SEO- You have to master in Search engine Optimization. This tool is the most essential marketing strategy and is the sole element from where your blog can make money. Your blog should be SEO friendly. So, you will need to focus on increasing SEO traffic to your website to gain more visitors and improve search engine rankings.
  2. Socials- Try to be more active on Socials like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter, etc. to promote your brand content. If your site will get more social shares, it will ultimately increase your search rankings and guess what Google gives more importance to that sites that get more social shares. So, go ahead and start sharing!
  3. Email- Sending emails will increase the chance to get more visitors to your site. Send newsletters and start sending to subscribers and people to get more visibility to your brand.
  4. Blog Comments and Guest Posts- This is another way of boosting more visitors to a website. Blog commenting is an evergreen marketing strategy to make new connections with other bloggers. Start leaving thoughtful comments on other blogs and this will build strong relationships with your posts as well.

Keep a Track on Analytics

Use Google analytics for tracking your social shares per each post, number of comments you get, thanksgiving email to you by your people, traffic to your website.

Follow these above steps to your content marketing advantage and you will soon start noticing the results. You can also take advance content marketing courses in order to become a master in this field.  Go ahead and start focusing on goals and promote your brands. Good Luck!


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