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Grow Your Brand With Best-Ever Social Media Contest

Do you run Social Media Contest for your brand?

No?? This is the right time to start it if you want more people to know you and chose your services.

Social Media contests are helping brands reach maximum people and make a stronger bond with them, which helps to get more potential clients. In this piece of content, we will discuss how a successful Social Media contest can take your brand to a new height.

We Will Cover Following Topics Today.

  1. Tips to make an effective Social Media Contest for your business.
  2. Benefits of an effective Social media contest.

A strong and effective social media contest can generate a big-time real value for your business.

Tips To Make An Effective Social Media Contest For Your Business.

Before going ahead, you must know the end to end detail about your target customers. So the very first step for creating a wonderful social media contest should be adding a positive appeal to potential customers.

  • Try to link your contest to a relevant industry event
  • Adding labels addressing the target customers should not be amiss.
  • Keep yourself focused towards your goals
  • Offer prizes to the target market.
  • Identify all available resources for proper planning
  • Promote social sharing among the target audience and incentive for the same.
  • Add referral contests to get more potential clients
  • Use Social ads for promoting your contests.

Keeping eyes on these points will help you in ending up with more effective and successful social media contest. We will now discuss some of them.

Keep Yourself Focused Towards Your Goals

If you are not clear about your goals then you might not be able to create a successful social media campaign. Hence it should be given prime importance and you should plan your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Offer Prizes To The Target Market. Or Price Related Discount

People get attracted towards discounts and other deals. It is a normal human tendency. Once any of the contests is over, the real secret lies and that is about converting all the entrants into customers. One of the best and commonly used steps that are being followed by many companies is to send auto-response email having some coupon code immediately after any person logs into your platform. Have a look at an example of ‘AbhayaYoga’. They are offering 3 yoga classes for free and have shown how much you can save with this offer.

Remember- Keep your prizes relevant to your brand’s service or products.

Promote Social Sharing Among The Target Audience And Incentive For The Same.

This is a great way to expand the reach and range of the contest designed by you. This will enhance the customer’s experience, but you have to make sure that your customer likes and shares your post. All you can do is give contest participants a chance to get a useful product for free or any huge discount coupon for the same. It should be genuine and the eligibility should include liking and sharing of your post in a consistent manner. Incentivized sharing is getting popular at a rapid pace and is giving positive results to every brand.

Add Referral Contests To Get More Potential Clients

A contest like referral/ photo contest or Instagram contest is also very popular.

Here is an example of a successful Instagram contest by out-door Salaska

Under these contests, every participant is given a discount coupon code and a grand prize is announced for one participant. People can actually improve their chances of winning by sharing your content on their social media channel. When it comes to referral contest, with every referral you get an extra privilege to enjoy. You can use your own URL to be used by your customers. In the Instagram contest, you can ask a participant to post a photo and link to your brand using hashtags.

Benefits Of An Effective Social Media Contest.

It’s amazing to see how businesses are using these social media contests for promoting their businesses, especially when people are getting benefitted by the brands that they are already in love with. Many people participate in such contests as they are interesting and give them a hope to win a prize from their favorite brand.

Have a look at some of the best benefits your brand can enjoy if they run a successful social media contest.

Strong Community Building

It is next to impossible for people to remember every brand and if you want your brand to be remembered by the maximum target audience then this contest can be a blessing to you. You  may intimate your participants to share with their friends’ list to become visible to more population. So a social media contest helps you in building a stronger bond with the bigger community

Better Brand Engagement

You should be more concerned about the fact that how many people you are able to reach through your contest. This will help you to determine the actual condition and level of brand engagement. You must be concerned about how many people are engaging themselves with your content going out from your brand.

Increased Subscribers And Sales

Social media contests are one of the best ways and also most frequently used mode of getting your newsletters or other channels subscribed by maximum customers. There are many contest platforms available that provide you a benefit of lead capture throughout the contest. Contests are best possible modes to convert the business leads into valuable and loyal customers.


Wrapping up with providing you a complete detail about how you can create an effective and successful Social Media Contest for increasing the brand’s value, visibility and ultimately more loyal leads as well as customers. Hope the benefits that we discussed today will definitely make you think of creating a unique social media contests for your business.

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