Games to play with boyfriend

Hello to the readers are you looking for some cools stuff to make your relationship stronger? If yes then this post is for you. This is the best way in all the world to come closer to each other. If you want to enjoy your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend and want to share all your feelings then these are the reliable way to convey your message.

I’m sure that after reading these articles you will eliminate drawbacks in your relationship. These games are the best way to sort all kind of issues. These games are creative as well as unique you will surely enjoy playing with your partner.


Choose the game that suits to the mood of your partner. You can also choose them according to your choice give a try to these games. These are some of the best games to play with boyfriend.

Games to Play with girlfriend or Boyfriend

Question to ask him or her

Cute Question to ask him or her. In this game you have to choose 10-20 question and list down on a simple paper once it’s done start writing the answer to these question then ask the question to your lover and match his or her answer. These type of question will let you know how much you trust each other.

Childhood stories

Tell him your most epic tales of childhood. Tell him how many times you got punished by your mom. Make her laugh with the notorious childhood memories. It will bring smile on her face. Try to make her comfortable with the stories make sure she is not getting bored. Tell her all the funny stupid things you did when you were a kid.

My chocolate bar

Tell her that your are my favorite chocolate bar. She will get really amazed to listen this will ask the reason why then tell her that you always make me feel please. She’ll love your sense of humor.

Childhood Pictures

Both of the partners need 10 pictures from their childhood. It is a perfect way to know one another, in this game you have to tell the story about each picture the other guy need to listen it and store in the memory. Once both of the partners tell the story the other person needs to tell all the things about the pictures they get the point for telling the right story about the pictures. If they he fails no point will be given.

Silly Pictures

This is one of the silly but most funny game to be played over the text. Nowadays almost everyone is using internet. This game is played using internet one player needs to find some funny pictures from the internet and send it to your partner. Keep on sending funny pictures for hours. Moreover,  You could select a specific category to make for fun.

In addition, These games are more help it will bring the people more close help in building the more strong relationship.

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