Help your guests party like a Rockstar!

With the holiday season around the corner, flight, railway, and even bus tickets’ sales are off the charts! People are making plans to either go home and usher in the new year with their loved ones, or they are planning for that much-needed break from everyday life and party hard for a few days non-stop. Some people are also hoping to explore new places or even try different cuisines – ones they have never seen or enjoyed ever in their lives! No matter how grand of simple the plans are, everyone wants to have a ball of a time safely this year.

So, if you stay in Delhi and have friends who will be joining you in your city this year for New Year’s Eve parties, and you are to play host, here are some friendly tips about how you can be that perfect and much remembered host!

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Tips for hosting party

  1. Be sure to pick up your friends at the station or airport they will be arriving at! That’s the cardinal rule to make your guests feel like they’re welcome. And if there are several guests. All of whom you cannot attend to personally, make sure you send someone over or at least arrange for the transport from the pick-up point to the destination. And once you can meet them, give your loved one a tight, big hug and make them feel utterly welcome at your place!
  2. Scan for the best New Year parties in Delhi and make a list of them for your guests to select from. Choose places that are enjoyable to not just you or a select few members of the group.  But to everyone who will be partying together. There are a number of things you can rate the party on – food, ambience, distance, safety, other guests invited, music, etc. Keeping a list ready will make it easier for you and everyone to select one quickly and easily.Image result for guests party like a Rockstar!
  3. Don’t just keep them in suspense about your city. Make some time and show them around a few places if they’re visiting Delhi for the first time. For people who’ve already been here, take them to places they’ve not visited earlier.  Reunite with other friends at familiar hangouts, or introduce them to a new lounge or cafe or even paan shop that you know of! Making time and showing them around the city is what matters.
  4. Ensure you take care of the safety of everyone in the group. Arrange for transport if you prefer travelling in that way rather than driving over yourself. After all, it’s your city and you would know the best and safest routes and times in which you can travel. Remember – drinking and driving is a strict no-no. And pre-arranging travel options through acquaintances would be highly recommended.  Because there surely will be a scarcity of cabs and other means of transportation on that night!

Make your guests welcome either at your place or in affordable places that they can stay in. But if you’ve to go with the latter option, start booking for Hotel in Delhi along with the New year bashes’ passes right now because they’re also being sold like hot cakes!

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