Top 5 Arcade games on Android Smartphones

A bunch of apps and games are uploaded on the Android store. The Playstore is booming nowadays in numbers and uniqueness. If you go on a search for an app or a android game in a certain genre you end up finding lakhs of search on the same. It kinda tough with so many number of apps and android games in the Playstore to find some real good ones. With good user base already made by some apps, some upcoming new apps do not come in the limelight even with time. But since we are here, its our duty to make it live in the eyes of the audience that is you, that there do exist some really unique android games out their in the Playstore. Some awe inspiring ideas have been integrated in these few games that i shall be listing.

The most accessible gaming platform available to a large audience is by far the smartphone only, because almost everyone has a smartphone these days and yes they do put games in their mobile phones, whether it be kids or adults. This platform is greater in number of games than the consoles out there and provides fairly good amount of uniqueness in its kind. People from diverse backgrounds bring forth their intellect for this uniqueness in execution.

So here is a list of Arcade and Action games on Android available on Playstore:

  1. UFO Arena:

    Top 5 arcade games on android smartphones: ufo arena
    UFO Arena

A one of a kind game, I bet on it. A game that allows you to go blaster blazing with 4V4 and less, on a single screen. The controls for this game are marvelous and clever allowing to control the battle arena’s UFOs with one finger on the ingame joystick throttle. The concept is simple, control your UFO with the joystick but there is a catch how will you make it rotate? So the physics for this are that the UFO orients itself but hitting other objects. So its not that easy by the looks of it.

It provides 3 modes of gaming namely:

DEATH-MATCH ( single and multi-player)
Kill or be killed while playing against your friends or bots in 10 different maps!

Survive for as long as possible against an onslaught of enemy ships while breaking meteors to obtain power-ups.

FOOTBALL (local multiplayer)
Fight to put the ball in your opponents goal while raining down bullets on them!

The best Idea by far that i have liked in a game so far is the FOOTBALL mode in this game, seriously why didnt anyone think of this before.


2. Bounce Orignal:

Top 5 arcade games on android smartphones: bounce orignal
Bounce Orignal

All the old Nokia fans who had spent their day and night crossing the challenging levels of the bounce on a keypad that is nonexistent nowadays. The game is back with HD graphics, the same old orignal levels and intuitive controls that are goin to make you feel at home. The buff up on the graphics is a very big upper hand for the fans. I also am a very huge fan of this game and i used to play on the nokia 3230. Damn the feeling of old school gaming is just outstanding.


3. Chain Reaction:

Top 5 arcade games on android smartphones: chain reaction
Chain Reaction

A game testing your presence of mind and your analysis skills. A very simple looking game at first sight but you will fall in love with it when you see all the colors popping and spreading like the T- virus. Simple basic idea of the game, that you press a bubble it increases its number until it gains as one less than the adjacent cells. When filled fully it explodes sending off its babies.


4. Smash Hit:

Top 5 arcade games on android smartphones: smash hit
Smash Hit

Want to break window panes and want to hear them shatter, then this game is about precision and dexterity and is perfect for you. Aim marble balls on glass objects and gain points, with a streak get to throw more and more balls at once. Also get power ups. The game is time based and based on mistakes your time gets more and more less. So its time for you to do things fast and gain more and more power to advance to the further stages.


5. Stick Hero:

Top 5 arcade games on android smartphones: stick hero
Stick Hero

These type of games are the ones that chase your patience to the point that make you loose of frustration. The objective is to make the hero grow his stick only as much that is needed to traverse to the next building. If the stick is not big enough then you loose, and if its big then also. Well you gotta make the stick grow to the perfect size needed to reach the building.


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