Ps3 Games, best and cheap- Top 5 on online stores India

We all know we had spent a lot of money buying a ps3, which is Rs 23000. After investing so much you always think twice before buying  new ps3 games. So when you are buying ps3 games and you only wish to play ps3 games for fun and story, then why invest into new ps3 games that cost around Rs 3000. New ps3 games are always better with the graphics and other stuff but why invest so much money when with this much money you could possibly but a bunch of ps3 games. I never have bought a single new ps3 game in my life, I always wait for a deal to come to make that ps3 game is cheap to buy.

If you are good with maths you will clearly see that instead of buying one new or expensive game you could totally invest in 4-5 games that might be as good or better than the ones that you were buying. Ps3 games don’t have a high resale value so it’s better not to buy an expensive game. A game that costs Rs 3000 wouldn’t be valued as much as Rs 1500 on resale after a month or two.

So go for cheap games and increase your arsenal ;). When you have enough games make yourself a hall of fame for games. Its always a dream for gamer’s to have many games, so become the inventory manager for your games and invest wisely.

Here is a list of games, believe me you will have a great time immersing yourself in their storyline and gameplay. The list contains classic and obviously old games, as you won’t get new games cheap. The list contains games that cost around Rs 500. So go get yourself 6 games in the price of one new game ;):

  1. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!

    ps3 games borderlands the pre sequel
    borderlands the pre sequel

If you have played Borderlands 1 and 2, stop thinking and get a grad on this game without further a do.

Get to use a bazillion guns with an awesome algorithm that gives you unique guns every time.

Play with friends and dominate the fire.

Genre: First person action RPG

Link:      http://clkmein.com/qJ7eNb


ps3 games saints row the third
saints row the third
  1. Saints Row The Third

Cant afford to buy Gta V :/ get the all the fun of an open world RPG game with more crazy fun and action. Get the DLCs and get a punch on all the action and rampage. Drive various cars and shoot different weapons.

Make your own gand and rule over the city of steelport.

Gather team members and rule.

Genre: Sand-box, RPG

Link: http://clkmein.com/qJ7tqq



ps3 games killzone 3
killzone 3

3. Killzone 3:


You haven’t played the first two parts? Well no sweat, just get a hold of the story through the internet and hop on to this action packed  FPS game.

Kick some aliens and kill a horde of them.

Save your planet be the honorable military man.

Genre: Action RPG

Link: http://clkmein.com/qJ7yk6


ps3 games infamous


Love superheroes? Well we have here something better than batman and superman, and that is infamous that lets you play the role of Cole McGrath who has the power to suck and use Electricity.

It has some cool unique Karma system which defines whether you are a hero or a villain based on you decisions and style of gameplay.

Grind rails and hover by using your abilities.

Suck all the electricity and be the Hero you want to represent

Genre: Third person RPG

Link: http://clkmein.com/qJ7tmG


5.Motorstorm: Pacific rift

ps3 games motorstorm pacific rift ps3 physical game
motorstrom pacific rift

Racing game, but like the usual semi simulators like NFS( need for speed ), but pure exhilarating fun experience, you should go for it.

Race through mountains, forests, waterfalls, magma mountains, gushing through lava and water.

This one is a personal favourite

Genre: racing

Link: http://clkmein.com/qJ7yrq

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