How to Choose a Yoga School in Rishikesh for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Rishikesh, the yoga school capital of the world and the land of karma & beauty, speaks of godliness in its every pore. With big ashrams, pristine setting, presence of Mother Ganges and the soothing touch of refreshing air from the Himalayas, this place tops the list of travelers, gypsies and hippies. Also, a town full of positive vibes, it is a holy pilgrimage spot for many worshippers and Hindus. Not just Indians even the foreigners visiting India, makes it a point to visit this land and gain from the free flowing free vibe of the place & do 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

It is said that you are attracted to a place because of karmic exchange left with a place, and considering Rishikesh as a motherly city, it has a lot of love, teachings, wisdom and blessings of the orange robed sages to exchange for love and compassion. With so many schools at hand to choose from often the students coming for yoga teacher training to Rishikesh are lost. They find it difficult to boil to one school they should opt for. In order to solve this issue, we have put down some points, which you can use as criteria to judge and opt for the right school for yourself.



With so many schools at every nook and corner, it seems confusing to pick one that is the best. Therefore we suggest you look for yoga teacher training schools in Rishikesh that have a stable base and people associate with it. For this, you can talk to café owners, massage centers and other fellow mates who have done or are doing a course with the school. If a school is good, it is bound to have a good name amongst the localities. Secondly, do check the certifications the Yoga school owns. Is it registered with yoga alliance USA or will it offer you certification after completing the course are good questions to ask before joining.

Accommodation& Food

Yet another very important thing to note is the space of the school. Cleanliness, hygiene, healthy food and the basic amenities are some things you would want to consider before taking up 200 hour yoga  school teacher training in Rishikesh. As yoga requires completely peaceful, clean and refreshing environment, you do not want to be stuck in a school with no basic amenities, which might lead to inability to focus on the program. Also, Wi-Fi, drinking water and pick & drop facilities, are some of the other things to be questioned before signing up.


The location of the school is as impacting as the accommodation & the food services. While you are in the splendid town of Rishikesh you would want to explore & experience the richness of the town and would want to visit the beautiful places it has in its kitty. Therefore, if you can personally visit the school before registering or ask someone about the surroundings of the school will be a good idea. Consider this, free flowing Ganges just outside the school and Himalayan range in the background, will it not make up for a view to die for?



A nurturing guru can take his students from nothing to great heights. It will be advisable to check about the teachers and gurus conducting classes in the school. The same can be checked on trip advisor, book yoga retreats and many other platforms. A great teacher for yoga, meditation and pranayama can flip the whole experience of practicing 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh Although Rishikesh is brimming with genuine, authentic teachers who love to preserve the traditions and offer the same to their students. Still checking before hand will be a great help in boiling down to the perfect school.


200 hour yoga school teacher training comes as a whole package and each and every drop makes the ocean. Although you might not have a control over what kind of other students join the yoga school, still asking the yoga school authority as to what kind of other students are planning to join the batch you are taking up and from where all they are coming can give you a fair idea about the group you would be spending your 4 weeks with. The best opportunity to know about the school is to reach Rishikesh a week in advance, survey and find the best place that matches your preferences.

With all these points to note, if you follow up and check on the school before hand chances are your experience will be the best and the most rewarding one in your entire life. A yoga school teacher training in Rishikesh where yoga lives and dwells in everybody heart is a blessing & the best gift you can give to yourself, so chose wisely.

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