Ionic Foot Detox Spa Treatment

There are a lot of ways to treat your foot the way it needs to be treated. Sometimes, you tend to forget to pamper them too. Ionic Foot Detox is one of the controversial spa treatment out there. It is a method that will detoxify your body and improve the pH levels only just by soaking your feet in warm water using negative and positive ions.

The Treatment

There are dozens of reasons why Ionic Foot Detox Spa Treatment should be considered, but one of the main reasons why is that Ion Detox Foot Spa Treatment is very effective and is an inoffensive way of stimulating and balancing the body, especially in the bio-energetic field. It facilitates better organ function and auto-detoxification. But this treatment is not for everyone, if you have a physical problem in your body, or if you are pregnant, with a pacemaker or metal implants, organ transplant recipient or a breastfeeding mother, then you might consider not trying this treatment. However, if you really wish to do so, contact your physician if you could discuss terms with them so that you would deeply understand more your current situation.

Does it work?

Medical team and institutions have already researched regarding Ionic Foot Detoxification foot Spa Treatments. Even they are very troubled on how things like these works. What happens is that a bowl would be filled with saltwater, then an apparatus or an electronic device will do the work. The device is called an ion generator. It will produce positive and negative charged ions. During the course of time, there has been no exact proof and scientific explanation regarding the effectiveness of this treatment. However, despite the lack of results from the several studies that have been conducted, it does not remove the fact that it has been effective to a lot of people. Even without solid, hard and bold proof.

But then some studies still show and prove that a 30-minute therapy treatment in this ionic foot bath will restore the body’s pH level. From 6 which calls it acidic, move it up to 7.5 now it is alkaline. This treatment does not only detoxify the body but also it balances the body’s pH levels.

Here are some effects

when trying Ionic Foot Detox Spa Treatment:

It helps release toxins. It releases toxins from the body and that makes the body rebalance bio-energetic fields. In that way, it stimulates and promotes self-detoxification.

It is not harmful long-term. As human beings, we are constantly exposed to air, food, environment, and water. All those factors produce toxins, that is why a way to detoxify the body is always important.

A lot of effects: Purging of heavy metals have a balanced level of pH, inflammations will be reduced, yeast is purged, livers detoxified and cleansing of the kidney and liver too. It enhances the immune system right after.


There has been a lot of controversy regarding this treatment. But with results shown and present, it is quite real that this one really works. No matter how lacking the scientific proof is, there is real-life living people who had tried this Ionic Foot Detox Spa Treatment and had amazing results. How about you? Are you willing to try this? Guest post article by

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