LASIK Eye Surgery – How Does It Work?

If you are wearing eyeglasses or lenses for long and want to get rid of your eye problem you should go for Lasik eye surgery. When natural lenses in your eyes fail to perform accurately, you need extra lenses. If you are short sighted or long sighted then you may not be able to see the object clearly in that case when you will go for surgery you eye vision will be improved. The operation is really simple, and it can reshape your cornea so that light can travel in the back of your eye.

LASIK eye surgery doesn’t take much time to perform, and studies say that 96% of patients will have their expected vision post surgery. Your vision will be improved immediately after your surgery. The best part is no bandages and stitches required when you are going for Lasik surgery.

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There Are Several Steps Which You Need To Follow When You Have Gone For Lasik Surgery:

Pre-Care: Before you go for any Lasik surgery, you need to consult with an eye surgeon who will examine your eyes and will give you inputs about the surgery, and you need to take proper precautions if needed. Also, before the surgery, it’s mandatory to evaluate your medical history. You also have to go through several tests.

Image result for LASIK Eye SurgeryNumbing Drops:

Before the surgery starts ophthalmologist will apply numbing drops. Numbing drops will start its action within a few seconds, and it lasts for 10 – 15 minutes.

Creating Flap:

Once the numbing drops start working, the surgeon will create a flap in your cornea. Once the surgeon lifts the flap, your vision will be blurred and dim for some time which is normal.

Laser Reshaping:

Surgeon will reshape the stroma layer of your cornea, the laser will remove cells. If you undergo custom Lasik surgery, your surgeon will correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Under computer control laser will reshape the cornea.

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Flap Replacement:

Surgeon will then, replace your flap with instruments.

Post Care:

Your eyes may feel watery, and you may also feel irritated for some time. After the surgery, you have to take rest for a few hours to get the best results. You have to apply drops for a few weeks. Also, you need to do follow-up visits to your doctor. Your eyesight will improve within few days.

There are different types of laser surgery based on your eye condition surgeon will decide which type of surgery will suit you most.

Side Effect Of Eye Surgery:

LASIK surgery is pain-free, and it has minimum side effects.

  • Glare

  • Fluctuating vision

  • Dry eyes

  • Difficulties in driving

Advantages Of Lasik Surgery:

  • Vision will be corrected immediately

  • No bandages and stitches are required

  • Very less or no pain

  • Eyeglasses and lenses are not required

If you are having eye problem, you must take expert advice so that you don’t face any challenges afterward. LASIK surgery can give you the best vision, and it can solve your eyesight problem.

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