A New Study on Air Pollution and International Trade

The political tool trade clearly represents a picture of the sale. It also includes trade of goods, services and capital across international borders. The international trade of food, clothes, oil, commodities and many other things give corporations access to customers all around the globe. Also, it gives every customer an opportunity to buy from the varieties of goods and services. The customers do buy goods and services and supports international trade.

Products that belong to the global market through international trade are exports. While products whose purchasing and transportation is from into the other country through international trade are imports. But, anyone of them had ever thought what actually international trade causes apart from indicating a country’s global presence.

Air Pollution stats

A new research reveals that 100,000 people die each year. Reason being  the generation of pollutants because of Western Demand of Chinese Goods. Also, the China is known to be the world’s largest emitter of anthropogenic air pollutants, & measurable amounts of Chinese pollution that are transported too via the atmosphere. The study involves University of East Anglia (UEA). It Reveals that the scale of premature death links to air pollution that is a cause of international trade. The study presents a combined global assessment on health impact and focuses on deaths from heart disease, lung cancer, stroke and chronic obstruction pulmonary disease.

As per the terms of consumption, citizens in the affluent regions, like Western Europe, the US and Canada, all are related to a greater than average number of deaths worldwide. 12% of the deaths were due to the pollution coming into the environment in some other region in the world. Rest 22% associates with goods produce in one region for consumption in another.

Air Pollution,Global Problem

As air pollution is a global problem in our global economy, we can’t blame one region for immature deaths. The major points of the study indicates immature mortality due  to air pollution. This is something more than a local issue. The findings quantify the limits to which air pollution is a global problem are:

  • Pollution caused in China related to more than 3000 deaths in Western Europe and the US.
  • 30,900 deaths in the Rest of East Asia region relates to emission in China and 47,300 deaths in Eastern Europe relates to emissions in Western Europe.

The Conclusion

At a glance, 16.3% of attributable deaths were due to the reason that pollution from some other region. In our overall economy, the goods and service consumption in one section may entail production of air pollution in large quantities and mortality in other regions. China having the world’s largest population & per capita impacts in China are quite considerable: the emissions produced per million Chinese caused around 770 deaths wide-reaching the globe. The cost of regulating air quality could be on sharing basis among the consumers in other regions as well. As per the suggestion of the author. The advanced countries need to strive for sustainable consumption & improving pollution control technologies in China, India and elsewhere in Asia would have a large health benefit in the specific regions and all around the globe.

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