Off-the-shelf solutions – how healthy are they?

HGH supplements, as the term suggests, are readily available off-the-shelf solutions to the critical deficiencies of reduced lean body mass, lesser endurance levels, slower muscle regeneration and increased fat accumulation that the human body develops with age. HGH supplements claim to aid and bolster the functioning of the natural growth hormone without significant contra-indications or any side effects. These attractively packaged formulations are recommended, in the accompanying literature, for adults of all ages, as aids for body building and enhancing muscle growth, thereby claiming to reverse the aging process.  Readily available at drug stores as well as through online sites, HGH supplements are increasingly advertised as effective sports nutrition.  Also known as boosters  or enhancers, they profess to support  and augment  the functioning of the pituitary gland in its hormone production and synthesis functions,  thereby claiming to compensate and make up for the HGH deficiency in the body and to maintain its required levels. HGH supplements are generally sold as pills, capsules, in powder form or as sprays. The promise of increased strength, boosted energy levels, and augmented muscle mass and size and the ease of purchase at affordable cost, without a prescription, does place the supplements as an attractive alternative to the synthetic and expensive HGH injections.

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Image result for shelf solutions - healthy solutionsAll HGH supplements are, however, not across the board solutions that are uniformly applicable to all health conditions and needs. Though its ingredients mainly include minerals, vitamins, and essential amino-acids, the effectiveness of each supplement is dependent on the combination of its ingredients relevant to the needs of the user. GH supplement literature does carry a word of caution in recommending that dosages should initially commence very low and be increased gradually, paying heed to its effect on the body metabolism. Anti- drug manifestations such as mild weakness, pain and swelling in nerves, joints and muscles are also cautioned along with a rider that a doctor’s advice is certainly recommended.  It is illegal to take without having a prescription.

In the perception of experts and medical professionals, human growth hormone supplements are not to be considered as safe alternatives, whether used with or without prescription as their long term side effects far outweigh their professed benefits. It also needs to be conceded, however, that the increasing popularity and widespread acceptance to use supplements to bulk-up as well as develop lean muscle is largely conditioned and influenced by OTC availability and popular on-line and print literature, which tends to downplay its negative effects.

HGH Deficiency

High deficiency in HGH levels in the body consequentially manifests in psychological symptoms, which range from growing anxiety and bouts of depression to strong sense of inadequacy and ill health.

 Even in a normal, healthy body, the quantum of the naturally growth hormone produced and circulating in the blood serum which is abundant up to puberty and adult hood, slowly decreases with increase in age. Primarily, this is the reason why HGH supplements are much sought after, and increasingly so, by athletes, body builders, celebrities and youngsters, in general.

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