The unexpected ways in which running affects you teeth

Running is a very good form of exercising. It is important for a person to look after his health. Our body needs to get rid of the fat and some extra training to make those muscles stronger. People that work out are fit and can work better than people who do not exercise. It even helps them fight against lot of health issues. Some doctors suggest that every person should take up to at least one form of exercising, be it running, gym, dancing, swimming or even yoga. This extra work out proves really helpful for the overall health of the person.

But there is one drawback of exercising, and it is a major one. Did you know that exercising can damage your teeth? Exercising is nothing but extensive work our sessions, it will charge up your body but in stead leave you out of breath. In fact, people that frequently exercise have often been reported of having serious dental issues. The main reason as to why exercising affects your dental issue are discussed below:

Overdose of sugar

 Sugar is a good way to enhance your energy and you need to be charged up with it if your are going to exercise. But too much of sugar consumption can wash away all your efforts. Sugar is bad for our heath. Too much of sugar consumption can make you diabetic, which can lead to serious health issues like heat problems and obesity. Sugar is also bad for your teeth. It attracts the bacteria and could cause cavities in the mouth.

Breathing from mouth

When a person is exercising, most of his senses perform differently. They are so pumped up that they can be out of breath. In such a situation, the mind automatically sends a signal to the body to open through the mouth. This gives you the energy to exercise more but it also leaves you with a dry mouth. Saliva is very important for the mouth as it helps in washing away the harmful bacteria. In the absence of it, the mouth becomes vulnerable to bacteria attack.

Protein bars

Just like sugar, protein bars helps in providing the person energy to exercise. Protein bars contain high levels of sugar and along with that they are sticky. They can get stuck in between the tooth and become a breeding ground for the harmful bacteria. If the tooth is not cleaned properly and a person consumes too much of protein bars, it can lead to plaque build up and cause tooth decay.

Grinding the teeth

Most people, when exercising have the habit of grinding their teeth. It is a reflex action to when our bodies are taking more than they can. It is when our body is trying too hard and the person needs too much of strength to do a task that he automatically starts grinding his teeth. Grinding is too bad of the teeth. It can leave a person with crooked teeth and if it gets worse and also injure his gums.

Energy drinks

You will notice that people who exercise constantly take energy drinks. In fact many sportsmen would never be seen without an energy drink. It sure boosts their stamina and give them the strength they need for their performance, but these energy drinks are nothing but sugar which will make the teeth acidic and more vulnerable to the bacteria. Consumption of energy drink can cal for many oral health issues.

Exercising s good for health and dental concerns do not suggest that you stop with the work out. But if you exercise, you need to take extra care of your teeth. Get an appointment at the best dental clinic in Hyderabad and talk about the ways in which you can look after your oral health.

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