Top 12 Ingredients for Glowing Skin

Getting a clear and glowing skin on face has always been a dream of many girls. But, the main question is how? Whether to use creams full of chemicals or stick to that old home made remedies.  Again, a next question comes into the mind how much time it would take to get a glowing skin or which one would be the best. It has always been noticed that majority of girls believe in going for home made remedies. To get a clear skin, you must first understand that you need to clear acne, oils, dark spots, wrinkles, dry skin, and stretch marks to get spot free skin.

Here are some of the natural treatments to try:


The best remedy holding bleaching properties that helps in clearing the skin. Vitamin C is best known to reduce the dark spots and darkness by rising up the cell renewal process.


As now you have used Lemon, now you can place cucumber pieces on skin. The water content in cucumber will help in making your skin soft and moisturized.

Hot-Water Steam:

You can also go for steaming to open up your pores and can wash out the oil from that pores. The steaming process will help in clearing impurities making your skin soft.

Aloe-Vera Gel:

You can make a paste of the following ingredients like Lemon, gram flour, honey and a little bit of aloe vera gel. Applying this pack for 20 minutes, it would be proven to be an excellent remedy to get clear skin.


Try neem to remove the acne as it’s a best anti-bacterail natural product that kills bacteria from skin and reduces acne.

Natural Oils:

You can use natural oils like olive oils, almond oils that are very effective in clearing marks from skin. You can apply the oil in the night and wash the oil in the morning.


Use the most available product in kitchens. Use can use tomatoes with aloe-vera gel. The antioxidants in tomato will eliminate wrinkles making your skin look younger.


You can rub ice-cubes that will help in increasing the circulation of blood for skin making it look younger.

Baking Soda:

The best ingredient of kitchen that can help balance the pH level of the skin, and it is very helpful to maintain clear skin. You can use it with a pinch of lemon juice and make a paste of it.


An ingredient that contains cucurmin which is strong with the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It would benefit you skin in the way of eliminating the harmful free radicals that damages your skin.


Papaya contains papain which is an enzyme that plays a role of a mild exfoliator. It is powerful of gently removing the top layer of dead cells that are present on the face and makes your skin more radiant.

Other Ingredients:

To hydrate your skin from inside you can use almond, nuts, spinach, avocado.

These were some of the best ingredients from grandma kitchen. I must say you should try it once.

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