Time for warm colors!

The idea of doing something new with what you already have is a great one. We are always looking forward to bring something new to the interiors of our homes. This can be done in innumerable colors.

An important aspect you can focus on while doing your home is the theme. Themes are integral to interior decoration. A theme that is the most popular is the floral theme. It might appear to be an old one but you can always look out for new ways to use it in your rooms!

For instance, let us have a look at the picture above. It has a very powerful and warm color scheme, yellow in different shades.

This color scheme can make your room look really bright but in a subtle way. Flowers and yellow is a strong combination.

I believe we can try it out for our homes to make our rooms look perfect!

Living Room

Liven up your living room with the warmth of yellow and the beauty of flowers. You can buy a new, stylish yet simple sofa, or if you already have one, you get it remodeled or just get it a new cover, maybe? But if you just feel like using the existing one, you can work wonders with a few cushions and your job is done! Take cushions of different sizes and buy some nice cushion covers. Get a nice bunch from some good store and give the living area/drawing room a beautiful look.

The colors white and grey have been used in the picture to complement the yellow. These two subtle colors by being placed along with yellow make the living room appear absolutely beautiful.

To add a dash of color and some bloom, you can opt for this color combination. Something that can take your home décor to an all new level!

Get over the boring and monotonous color schemes and spin the ‘color’ wheel of fortune! I’m sure you will get a nice and bright color for your home that can make interesting any boring corner of the house!

Even if you are not too willing to bring in a bright color to your home, you can opt for your subtle favorite and just combine a few colors to create a contrast! This can also serve the purpose in case you don’t want to be experimental with the color scheme.

Interestingly, like all other walks of life, with home décor too, all you need to know is how to strike the right balance!

And when we are doing the floral theme, how can we forget flowers? Yes, you certainly need some fresh flowers! Get a nice vase for your corner table and make sure you put a good bunch of fresh flowers into it.

You can also work up on lamps and curtains. When everything else is going floral, it would be better if you keep your curtains plain and not too jazzy. A plain white lamp like it is shown in the picture is going to complement the other objects like cushions, curtains etc.

Love your home like never before. And your creative imagination, even more!

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