Student Life in Milan

Milan is an ancient beautiful city and the capital of Italy. It is also known as a City of Fashion. As a fashion capital of Italy it attracts many international students for study in this city. It is a home to some of the world’s most beautiful artworks and houses numerous significant and innovative exhibitions. For top class education, Milan comes in every student’s mind and thus, this city is continuously full of students from world over. Education in Milan is taken very seriously in the world because of its wide range of study opportunities in its public and private universities. The lives in Italy are very lively and that is why it hosts more international students for the purpose of study. Although it is a very costly city, but in respect of facilities to students, which is world class, this is not second to none. And because of this reason students world over sacrifice a little bit of extra money for the sake of their educational prospects.

Universita degli Studi di Milano Blcocca and Politechnico di Milano are the leading public universities in Milan, which offers plenty of accommodation places in residences and apartments of the university to students. Bicocca allows some discounted price in its in house apartments. Scholarships are also extended annually to students from these universities after getting a formal request for grant of scholarships. It is decided through a competition amongst the students who are pursuing studies in regular degree courses or post graduate courses and also on the basis of merit and economic criteria.

Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Libera Universita di Lingue e Communicazione, Bocconi University and IULM are some of the renowned private universities in Milan which offer several under-graduate level, graduate level and post-graduate level courses. Bocconi University is a private to the university in Milan which provides undergraduate to post-graduate education programme in the fields of management, finance, economics, law, political science and public administration, while the business school SDA Bocconi offers MBA and Executive MBA programme.  For international students usually it is better to stay in the surrounding or within the premises of the university. But since the public transport system in Milan is very good it hardly matters whether the accommodation is next to the university premises or not. Health education is also one of the best in the world. Mostly it is a peaceful country and safe in terms of crime rates. This country is considered as one of the safest places in the world. Naturally more and more students are being attracted to study in Milan. Milan University is the largest university in Italy. Almost 65000 students are taking houses to in Milan to do their studies. The university is known as a cultural hub because of some remarkable artistic and historic building, collections, archives and botanical garden. And therefore, the university attracts more and more students from all over the world. Quite naturally, Milan plays as an important partner in the socio-economic structure of the reason. Finding out an accommodation in Milan is also not very difficult as most of the universities do help to their students to get accommodation in and around the campus. Other than hostels number of private accommodations is also high. Therefore, the students have plenty of option to choose from.

The administrative process like fiscal code for every person residing in Italy is done once in a year, Permesso di Soggiorno for non-EU students which costs around 250 Euros per year and health insurance, which is taken at the time of entering into Italy, is the complicated procedures every student has to endure.  Although the city is not very friendly like Barcelona but the students below 27 years of age get discounted public services like public transport and even in some restaurants. To cope up the cost of living and for sustaining such high standards, students very often do part-time jobs. Getting a very good internship is also not easy. However, at later stage this opens the door to success.

Milan is extremely beautiful and well forward city to travel around. There are bike and car rentals for pick and drop services which is very convenient to go to your destination.

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