Best Places for a Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi/NCR

There is something intrinsically beautiful about a pre-wedding shoot. Let us tell you why and how?

This is essential because we are creating some lifelong memories with someone we are going to spend rest of our lives with. Additionally, there is the excitement of getting married involved, overwhelmed by the beginning of new life, nervous at the same time about the changes that will follow and not to forget, of course the overflow of love. All these concurrent emotions are artistically and beautifully captured in a pre-wedding shoot.

Having said the above, the first thought that strikes the mind is to look for a few beautiful places for pre-wedding shoot in Delhi/NCR. Needless to say, those historical monuments have a very charming and spectacular beauty that is sure to make your pictures go wow! The First suggestion that we would like to make is of the humayun’s tomb. This place is ideal for a surreal Mughal backdrop with its gorgeous lush green gardens, water fountains and the red stones that add a” Wo bhikyawaqttha” feel to the pictures and providing a stunning back ground to the photographs.

Humayun’s tomb

Humayun’s tomb

It is located on the Mathura road opposite to the nizamuddin dargah.Keeping in mind all the emotions involved in a pre-wedding shoot it becomes very important to select the best locations for a pre-wedding shoot in Delhi/NCR. You might want to choose an aesthetical place that has historical touch or a place all lit up by the natural glow and colors and brightens up the smiles and the glow in the pictures. The choice becomes a matter of personal preference or the type of pictures that need to be clicked and the emotion that needs to be captured. One such location that could be chosen is lodhigarden which is a surreal blend of nature, architecture and open spaces. There is also an age old bridge there, called the athpula which becomes one of the favorite choices for the pictures. Thus, it will be only fair and rightly said that the lodhi gardens make the best location for a pre-wedding shoot in Delhi/NCR.

Apart from the gardens, one could also choose from other options that are equally good enough to qualify for the best places for pre in Delhi /NCR wedding shoot.

Neemrana Fort

neemrana fort

one such place full of beauty and splendor is neemrana fort which is an ideal place for people looking for Rajput splendor in their pictures. The fort has seven wings which are all spread across fourteen layers and all are connected to one hillthus making it a best place for the pre wedding shoot in Delhi/NCR. Some of the favorite places for photography include the beautiful lawns, swimming pools, hanging gardens, water bodies and the splendidrajputana architecture. The fort is located on the Delhi- Jaipur highway at alwar on the 122nd milestone.

Hauz Khas

hauz khas

Hauz khas is one of the best pre wedding shoot location in Delhi/NCR which attracts the best crowd being a home to the best pubs, clubs and restro- bars in the town. Behind the current modern avatar of the place lies the state of the art hauzkhas complex which houses the remains of the allaudin khilji’s Delhi sultanate and has medieval period houses, a tomb and an Islamic seminary and a water tank that has now been revived and looks like a mini lake. For some natural photography experience one can also go to the deer park, which is situated behind the complex. For perfect lighting plan your shoot one hour before the sunrise and one hour after the sunrise and be sure to add the wow effect to your pictures.

For a photograph to be perfect it requires both the location as well as the photographer to be perfect. Thus, it is highly essential that we choose from the best pre wedding shoot photographers in Delhi/ NCR

To help you out with the planning of your ideal shoot we shall love to list down some of the top pre wedding shoot photographers in Delhi/ NCR who are sure to capture magical pictures for your lifetime memories. We shall begin our list with the:

The Lalittyagi photography

Gera Photomax

Click my dreams

Dheeraj digital studio

The creative lens

Well the list could go on and on and on you may make the choice depending on the budget constraints and their individual ratings. But needless to say that with these professionals and such gorgeous destinations, the shoot is bound come out jaw- dropping beautifully done and leaves everyone just awestruck.

To sum up, let us understand the all in all importance of the pre wedding shoot. It marks the end of your courtship period and provides an opportunity to clear the chemistry and strengthen the bond even further. Also, the photographer gets to know the natural side of the couple and is able to utilize that in the wedding photos.

Best pre wedding shoot venues in Delhi could range from natural beauty venues, historical monuments, modern avatars of the ancient age old architectural structures and complexes. For the modern generation and the art loves, we have a place which has a splendid contemporary magic in its wall It is called the Lodhi Art district which is located between Khan Market and the Meherchand Market. It has colorful walls that have been painted by more than twenty eight street artists in India around the world between december 2015 and March 2016 which is now transformed into an open air gallery that is open to all and provides a contemporary touch to the lodhi estate.

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