Go Black, Be Sexy This Valentine

with one day left in valentine, most of us are stuck with the question “what to wear?, what to gift and how to celebrate?”, well! confusion is normal and there is no need to panic. Honestly speaking, if you are thinking that red is so obvious then you are thinking right. I personally feel that way. After hunting market this week I felt that besides going red and lovy-dovy why not go with much more sexier look. and where sexy comes, black is must. Not only in outfits but be bold enough to give your loved ones’ any black gift and decoration ideas for evening can also go black. Well! here are some ideas in black for your red mood.

#1 Gift the black sexy cushion

Black sexy cushion

I know it is very difficult to find the perfect gift for “The One”. In addition,  hunting for the gift this valentine I found the perfect and sexy gift for my love that will definitely make him remember me every day. With the perfect velvety cushion the love inspired design makes it the perfect gift.

#2 Black Raspberries Dipped in  Wine is the perfect drink for valentine

Wine is awesome or celebration of love and to make it special. I have tried to top them up with the Black raspberries besides being amazingly yum they also gave the beautiful appearance.

#3 Sexiest Decoration with Black helium Balloons

Planning the romantic evening is challenging and I know that, with the perfection you have to be kinky also. I am going to give you personally tried idea and trust me it worked. Use the black helium balloons to decorate the room and light up some candles. trust me there is nothing sexier then candles.

#4 Red Roses are Outdated, Gift Black Rose

Most of you must agree with me that, we are tired of red roses. There must be few of you who appreciate giving away the unique classier and awesome gifts to your loved ones. Skip the Red rose this valentine and gift the rare Black rose. Moreover, This rarity of black roses makes it very special, at least for me.

These are some black ideas that can turn on the red mood. Stay with me as next coming up are more exclusive decoration, lifestyle, gifting ideas right through the market hunt of mine.

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