An insight into the features of Ruby gemstone

Ruby Stone is a well-known stone and quite popular among women. The Ruby stone is a deep red in colour gemstone like crystal. The stone is famous for having an excellent effect on energy levels. People believe that the main purpose of it is to recharge the energy levels. It also stimulates the mind to be positive as well as brings self-assurance and  also said to encourage vitality and sensuality in the wearer. The striking colour of the gemstone is reflective of its energy.

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The Ruby Gemstone has derived its meaning from the Latin word for ‘Red’.


The deposits of stone are found in Burma, Thailand, Kenya, India, Cambodia, Mexico, Madagascar, Russia and USA.


  • The stone is a type of corundum whereas other members of its family are known as sapphires.
  • As a matter of fact, the red stone is found to be intergrown with a variety of sapphires different in colour.
  • The red colour of Ruby comes from chromium content within the stone.
  • The shade of any stone will differ from other owing to the varying amount of mineral composition in stones.

It is available in various sizes and shapes. The stones are most commonly adorned as rings on the finger, and few people also adorn them as precious stones in their jewellery such as Necklace and Pendants. Ruby Gemstone online can be bought from various websites which sell authentic stones.

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Benefits of Ruby Gemstone:

  • The Ruby imparts a feeling of bliss and encourages adesire for life. It boosts the energy levels of the person.
  • The stone is a root chakra and heart chakra stone which holds the energy of red ray.
  • The stone helps in realising your inner strength and creative potential.
  • It enhances enthusiasm for life and hence helps one live well
  • The positive effect of Ruby encourages leadership skills and increases concentration and sharpens the intellect of wearer.
  • It also helps in clear visualisation
  • Ruby gemstone also wards off evil energies and prevents others from stealing your energy.
  • Ruby gemstone also helps in defending the wearer from physic attacks and negative entities.
  • The Ruby gemstone is red in colour which is also the colour of blood. Hence, it is famous for enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.
  • The ruby stone also helps in improving the quality of your dreams. Place them under your pillow and see the effects.
  • Ruby balances your body and increases your motivational level which helps in setting practical goals.

Who should wear Ruby Gemstone?

  • Engineers
  • Goldsmiths
  • Actors
  • Dramatist
  • Artists
  • Government officials
  • Diplomats
  • Politicians
  • Stockbrokers
  • Dealers

The Ruby Stone online India is one of the most common ways to buy Ruby stone. Though people rely on jewellers for buying Ruby stone, the new age trend of buying online helps in choosing from a wide variety of options. Moreover, One can compare the quality and benefits along with the price from various portals and make a wise buying decision.


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