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Do we need to reason everything?

Do we need to reason everything?

When we look back centuries we often wonder how: superstitions such as Satisahagamana and child marriages lived on without anyone averting them for ages? We wonder has none asked” Why should we follow these”? Is there logic behind pushing wife onto a pyre just because her husband’s there?

What was in the minds of our ancestors when they happily gave their daughters to soon-to- be-dead old men? Was it foolishness or was there a reason?

Such “why” questions brainstorm us and make us dig deep into our brains just to give us headaches! Because time never runs back; we can never witness history. But we never stop questioning why these superstitions had been started at all? I don’t find any wrong in exploring these questions. Elders thwart such questions as useless and against our culture. No. The strength of any culture lies in answering questions not resisting or prohibiting them.

One fine approach

Reason has been one of the essential weapons for human development. Without reason humans would equal beasts. Science is based on reasoning. Which made Newton ask a falling apple “Why have you fallen down and not up?” instead of eating it up.

And the ever present topic in all history textbooks: revolution is also by product of reason. People revolutionised asking themselves why should we be poor? Why should there be inequality? Why should women not act against their husbands or fathers? I am no doubt a staunch follower of reason. But everything has an exception and the “concept of reasoning everything” is no exception to this. Answer me. Do we need to reason out: Why should we love our mothers? Why should we laugh? and Why should we befriend others? Why should have relationships? Ultimately why should we live? Excepting philosophy we do not find rational, exact and absolute answers to such queries. Even science can’t answer rather not even might consider them. So has reason lost its prominence?

My reply is this. If a thing makes us happy, contented and satisfies the society as a whole it’s stone-hearted to reason such. But if a concept seems out of “common sense” and against collective good of society the sword of reason needs to be taken out. We need to question why. Violence and honour killings need to be questioned. Peace of mind attained from music need not. Question the scams . Celebrating festivals need not. Question the rapes. Praying to sun need not. question the Infanticide. Playing in the rain need not.

Evil need to be questioned. Good need not.

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