A quick guide on when to gift and how to choose it!

On many of life’s occasions, we have to give or receive a gift. What makes this special? One can receive it happily. But what about the times when you must give something to someone? Ponder a while before you choose it. This will add value to it and save you worries down the line.

Here are some useful questions.

On what occasions, do we give a gift?
There are special occasions, an occasion that occur with time, and there are non-occasions.

Special occasions:

These are the times when your brother or your son has achieved some outstanding academic achievement. Or, your wife wins the cookery contest. On these occasions, you can spread the happiness the person has, by celebrating it in your house on their behalf.

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Occasions of time:

These occasions occur with time, such as the birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals. All the people in the group (say Muslims) will celebrate the festival (say Id). Or, all the members of your family will celebrate the birthday of your second daughter.


These are instances when nothing special happens but you celebrate nonetheless. You might have the afternoon off and decide to get together with your friends and celebrate.

On all the above occasions, you can give a gift. One can choose a conventional gift or promotional pen drives. So, what is the difference? Promotional items have a commercial aspect attached, they sell some product and carry a company name. On the other hand, there are certain qualities we expect to see in conventional gifts. You can read it in the next paragraph.

How do we choose a gift?

The conventional qualities one must look for in a gift are these:


The gifts must have uses. Even gifts valued less than Rs.100 must have some use. You can choose from pens and pen holders, diaries, desktop calendars, and organizers.


Packing and transporting the gift should remain simple and easy. One might want to make a gift of a piano. But, how will you send it? A better idea is to choose something with practical use like a camera or a laptop.


Choose gifts within your budget. Depending on how close you are to the person to whom you send it, you make the budget. In ordinary situations, if the person is a friend but not so close, you can settle for a gift with a value around Rs.200 at the most. If the person is a family member, you can consider going higher up the cost scale.


This is important. The gift must suit the person for whome the gift is. Your grandmother will not find the gift of a basketball amusing. If you get her a pair of knitting needles and a ball of yarn, it would please her very much.

Gifting increases the joys of life. It strengthens bonds and helps foster better understanding among neighbours. In fact, the easiest door to your neighbour’s house is through gifts. You can use a festival or a non-occasion. When the door is open, you can have a full life.


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