Romantic meal ideas for this valentine

Valentine’s day, the day for celebrating love, passion and togetherness is one of the most special day in life. With the note of love, the music of togetherness and harmony of passion beckons the day. The time where everyone love to go out for romantic gateways is this valentine’s eve.  The best time to have deliciously romantic dinner is valentine’s day but, some of you must love to cook for your loved once and that is the most romantic gesture.

Here are some awesome ideas that I specially feel are amazing for valentine ’s day dinner.

#1 Start of by vegetarian appetizer or non vegetarian appetizer

One of my favourites veg appetizers is “potato layered with spinach ‘n’ corn: yum as it sounds is also easy to prepare. This delicate dish is fantastic for the romantic dinners.

Romantic dinner

Now, coming to non-veg appetizers, cheesy chicken fingers are the best appetizer for the delicate dinner. The taste of cheese meeting on your tongue is amazing.

#2 Now, coming to the beverages

Beverages are also important part of dinner and in romantic dinner I would say they add on the celebration mood and romance. You can go for both and hard drink as per your choice personally. I feel choosing out of mock-tails and cocktails is best option to go for.

#3 After drinks you can go for the vegetarian or non vegetarian

Romantic meal

With the definite personal choice i would suggest mushroom risotto that gives you the taste of creamy and tasty risotto that will definitely lit up mood and fill your tummy.


Well! If you prefer non – vegetarian then my choice will go with velvety prawns which will give you taste of fantasy in real.

Give the final touch with desert

Romantic meal

My favourite and honestly a delight for your tongue is what is offered by the red velvet mouse cake, cooking it is easy and it taste like haven.

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