From a Scarf to a Stylish Top – Scarf Techniques

The time of spending your summers in tanks and tees got too old or a very common among all the girls, or might you got bored wearing them. The season to refresh your exciting pieces into cool and stylish top has started. The summer scarves can be worn in a stylish way helping you in showing off in front of others. And the most surprising thing you don’t need to spend huge chunks out of your wallet and it is all a young woman wants. The fun to experience in the early morning of flexing your style of dress by trying these unique ways to wear your scarves( scarf technique ) would make your cock-crow full of excitement.

Have a look at the unique techniques of using a scarf:

  • The Fun-Size Cap:

    Warm up your fashion sense with a silk scarf drapped gently over your shoulders. This is a most stylish scarf Technique.

  • The Routine Job:

    Make yourself proud with a long thin scarf tied in a bow style under your collared working shirt. This is a most stylish scarf Technique.

  • Try Yacht Knot:

    Give your scarf a fresh new summer look with a low front knot and a loosy one with a breezy dress.

  • Look Slim:

    Go for a waist cincher. Tie the scarf as if you are wearing a belt. Mind it the trick is not for amateurs.

  • High Knot:

    This will look great on strapless dresses to keep your dress a warm look. It would be the perfect one for the line waiting to get into that club.

  • Around Bun or Pony:

    Try faux pony and take your bun or pony-tail to a next level by wrapping a thin scarf around it and allowing the tails to flow free.

  • Low Knot:

    Somewhere looks like high knot but is a more casual one. It is perfect in more terms of safety against the cold or the sun.

  • Cover the Shoulders:

    Give your dress a classy look by wearing it on a dress. It’s a quick way to improve your dress.

  • Faux Rope:

    Drape a large, fringed scarf over your shoulders. It would come out as a requirement to attend outdoor summer occasions once you tried it.

  • Cold Shoulder:

    Cover the one shoulder with a printed scarf to give a complete stylish look to yourself.

  • Triangle Top:

    Ultimate for a walk on the beach, the technique is somewhere same to that of a triangle knot. A simple difference is just you tie a knot behind the back.

  • The Frenchie:

    If you owe a scarf that is too small to tie better gather your little elegant scarf with a brooch or ring. This is a most stylish scarf Technique.

  • The Square Top:

    A great on for a sunny day or an evening in the summers. Little bit of more stylish then the triangle top.

  • Hand Bandit:

    Turn your scarf into a head band and several pins for extra snazz.

Do Tie-it, twist-it, loop-it, the amount of ways I have listed above and rock the world with this versatile piece.

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