You have always wanted to visit luxurious restaurants in Cebu, or perhaps you went a long time ago but you still think they are expensive.

A visit to Cebu today is less than it has been for years. Between lowering fuel costs and the gain of dollar you visit magnificent restaurants in Cebu for a fantastic weekend or extended trip for less than you thought possible.

Here are the top five luxurious restaurants in Cebu, the Queen City of the South, that offer a wild variety of dishes.

Sutukil Restaurants

This is a home of flamboyant restaurants that have driven traffic in Mactan, all in the name of dining out. Be it locals, Filipinos, tourists or foreigners, no one want to miss out the fresh and hot sea foods; squid, crab, shrimp and the likes.

The sea-foods are reasonably priced in kilo. There are 3 ways in which you choose how to cook, either raw, stew form or grill . They are commonly known as the 3 Visayan words. Grilled standing for 5111Su’, stewed for all-Fula’ and raw for 5111Kir hence the name Sutukil.


AA Barbeque

This is an area of scrutiny and pride with more than five recognized branches that give you nothing less than accessibility and affordability. The quality of foods here have virtually everything to do with delectable and appetizing. All required from you is choosing from the wide array of sea-foods and giving direction on how you like them cooked. It’s not without guidance and friendly discussion.

Olio Steak and Seafood restaurant

Owe and to you if you let the a-bit-steep prices, as compared to others, knock Olio out from the luxurious restaurants’ list. This restaurant, located at crossroads, Banilad, has a real winner menu offering a wide range of food. Dishes, which are just waiting to be choose and serve on your plate. Its spacious and cozy atmosphere ensures you enjoy every part of your food. Mind you, it was after serving the patrons of the award-giving bodies of food-industry that saw Olio a recognized restaurant.

Lighthouse Restaurant

The sophistication of this place is much concentrated on the inside. It’s enchanting and engaging decorations creates a nature of a second home making you live large and breathe deep. You never want to miss the sea-foods their menu offers, scallop and crab topping the list. This one of the place that you are yet to visit for more even after having your fill.


Lantaw Floating Restaurant

The meaning of the term 5111Lantaw’ is no longer new to you, it’s simply means all is visible from a distance.You can’t afford to miss this Cordova’s restaurant that presents an experience which is more than just dining. The panoramic view of the mountain gives you a rejuvenated feeling during daytime and the scenic view of the dazzling city lights during the night warms your night. The lip-friendly sea-foods just deepens the feeling and enjoyment. That’s why it’s no surprise that Lantaw Floating is mostly fully booked and reservations made in advance, not less than two weeks ahead.

It’s clear that restaurants of this oldest Philippines city have pushed far beyond their early days and are worth to visit.

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