Top Home Decor Ideas to steal from Bollywood Movies

Even though it is too much of filmy to copy things from Bollywood movies. But, there are few decor ideas that are amazing and can be used by people like us. There are many movies that has given amazing ideas to us in regards to the decoration.

Let’s Begin with the list of Impeccable  Home Decor ideas to steal from Bollywood movies


the movie although was not that hit as we all know but, honestly the set designed and used in this movie of Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali was eye flattering. It marked the territory of cinematography and won many awards for the set direction.

#2 KI & KA

Personally i loved the movie and not only the movie but, the amazing and unique concept of set used in this movie gave me a wow feeling while watching this movie. one can definitely steal the idea of using his or her obsession to remodel the place completely. No matter if you look at it as a bold move but, this is the best way to stand out. This is one of the interesting ideas for home decor.


This girly movie gave me chills and the fairyland effect made me wonder if i could be there in place of Aisha. The beautiful storybook look for the girls gave an outstanding concept of using the pinks, florals and peachy colors to decorate their home. Honestly it is very god idea to go with if you are looking to give your home amazing look and keep in mind to keep it minimal and choose only those items that suits your furniture.


Apart from the best cast of stars in the movie the movie, Finding Fanny also displayed the best of the French decor. The use of printed curtains and wallpapers gave the place and outstanding look and a perfect French mansion feeling. do not forget to add on the beautiful flower baskets, lamps and Sepia toned pictures to complete the whole look of the place.


This memorable movie stared by the famous John, Akshay and our Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra. Not only was loved by all of us. But, it has to be noticed that the set design was damn good. The concept of friends sharing the place was amazing and so fun. The refreshing interior design displayed in this movie gave a kick to the place. If you looking to get this look. Then, go with the arrangement of frames to capture all the favorite moments of your life. And do not forget to get the eccentric rack and waffle wall.

These are few movies that has given the interior designing a new look. And if you want tro get something designed to be unforgettable you can go with these ideas.

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