Fashion is never constant and that we all are very familiar with. The ever changing trend in fashion keeps on shocking people and with ongoing talent found makes the industry ever blooming with the new concepts and all. With the shocking artistic eye of the artists designing jewellery, many lovely ideas have been discovered. The new collection of Emily Fitzgerald left everyone stunned with her idea. The design of the Vagina Necklaces took on fire in market with quite a hush hush.

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Vaginas are awesome but in tradition they are not known to be displayed for everyone to see. But, with Etsy collection of Mullummoonflower’s necklaces.  Debuted with the line of glitter, rainbow colored “yoni” became quite a hit in the market.

The brains and talent behind this invention of famous and amazing collection of Vagina necklaces, Emily Fitzgerald created number of designs in different ranges that includes veritable panoply of the p*ssy accessories is created with the fairly life like representations and is completed with the perfectly placed pearl.

Not even that but the range also includes more psychedelic designs that features the crystal , mirror and not only that it also includes all-seeing eyeballs, well! yes eyeballs in the Vagina Necklaces.

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It is undoubtedly not surprising and not even a little shocking to know that how famous these neck pieces have become but as per the Huffington Post, Fitzgerald was very much overwhelmed with the nigh number of orders that came in in no time and she even had to shut down her store to stem the tide of orders.

The collection includes many designs that include:

  • Galaxy puss pendants that are designed in a way to highlight the pearl drawn into them are one of the best-selling designs of collection.
  • Yoni Pendants involve the rainbow effect designed for the color loving people caught up fire as soon as they got launched.
  • The Crystal Art: This design amazed the people with the beautiful crystal art flaunting beautifying colors.
  • Mirror beauty: The designs are amazing but one of the unique designs also include mirror in it and the beauty of that piece is astonishing.

Seriously fashion can take a turn in any direction at any time no matter what.

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Image result for Vagina NecklacesWell! The good news is that she is regrouping and has informed that they will be soon available again for sale. In the meantime you can keep yourself busy by admiring the beautiful designs.

Wait for the upcoming designs and stock of the vagina necklaces to own one of it. The amazing collection is still awaited in store. So, if what you want is this then, wait for it. New designs can also be expected ,Along with the old designs . Exciting designs are expected from you, “Emily Fitzgerald”. Get it from the store online or offline as you like.

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