Top 5 Instagram Food blogs and pages

We all love food don’t we? Plus when we are bored and have nothing to do Instagram is the source that helps us cheer our mood. We always lay down sad thinking what to do and what to eat. When suddenly some awesome Instagram accounts pop up to show some extremely attracting posts. The posts that specially draw attention are the food blogs, that post photos and videos of delicious food being made.

The videos include all the exotic and tasty food ranging from stone sundaes to pizzas, from mocktails to cocktails, form sweet dishes to simply salted french fries, all these make our heart light with joy. These accounts really give in some good ideas and hacks to make some awesome texture food. If you are a travelling enthusiast these will notify you with the best food available in a region. Happy sailing!

Here is the list of these 5 most awesome Instagram pages:


top 5 instagram food blogs- thisisinsiderfood
This is insider food

This blogs posts all the unique creations of food that you can find around the world. Ever thought something innovative about cooking food, then someone would have already done that in the world and it can be found here.

This page only posts videos so if you are bored or hungry so just start watching from a plethora of videos can make you very jealous of not being able to have a bite of that delicious food.

2. buzzfeedfood:

top 5 instagram food blogs- buzzfeedfood
Buzzfeed food

This blog portrays famous and tasty pictures and videos of food.

It is based in NYC, and if you are looking forward to make one of your creations or findings to be featured on this famous foodstagram then post your photo with #buzzfeast.

3. soyummy:

top 5 instagram food blogs- soyummy
so yummy
top 5 instagram food blogs- so yummy
so yummy

This page provides neat DIY videos for making clever foods with your everyday tools. Seriously wishing for something out of the world then watch one these videos and then try the same. The videos are so clever that they leave you in awe at the glance of such awesome creativity.

 4. foodnetwork:

top 5 instagram food blogs- foodnetwork
food netword

Follow their adventures on Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Get drool-worthy recipes and learn about your fave shows.

Get the DIY help of a maestro and be your own chef.

5. foodtalkindia:

top 5 instagram food blogs- foodtalkindia
food talk india

Follow this page for some awesome Indian food served around the world and in India. They post pretty humorous photos and videos in between too, so going through their Instagram page is always fun. Do follow them and do tag your food lover friends in the posts.

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