Good Phone review Youtube channels that are unseen

We have here another list of Indian Youtubers that spend their crucial time in building worthy and informational videos that do not come to the eyes of the audience but are very good in their own. In India students, job aspiring pupil are pursuing social media as a side project these days, and so we must have some time and respect their hard work and appreciate their diligence towards their tasks. These people work hard just like the others, but since they lack certain SEO tricks and knowledge their hard and authentic work doesn’t come out in the limelight. But believe me these are good and helpful, we must give them a chance and a token of appreciation by watching their videos.

Here is a list of 5 Youtube channels that do phone reviews that are unseen:

  1. Channel Review X:

    Good phone review youtuber: channel review x
    Channel ReviewX

As the channel suggests, here ‘X’ tends to infinity . The duo are college students getting hands on whichever gadgets their friends or they themselves buy and then making an unboxing review on it. They got their own twist of showing their video that is more informational than the other reviews that you might be watching. Watch their latest video here and comment, like and share.

2. greedytech:

Good phone review youtuber: Greedy Tech
Greedy Tech

This channel provides information about the latest gadget, computer tricks, technology and everything that a nerd may be interested in. So if you are an inspiring nerd 😛 then get a grab on their information and be a master of all traits. Follow their channel and be an all rounder 😉

3. news18Digital:

Good phone review youtuber: News18Digital

They are a news channel, apart from the phone reviews that you might want to view they also post worldwide news, that is very interesting to read and view. So do follow their website and also follow their Youtube channel to get the worldwide view at the doorstep of your phone.


4. gadgets 4 you:

Good phone review youtuber: gadgets4you

This channel is where you can find latest gadgets’s unboxing, reviews, technical specifications and other information in hindi and english both. The videos are posted in a manner that people who have difficulty in understanding english can view his videos in hindi and get a better understanding over the field of mobile technology. The videos are mostly about comparisons on similar priced phones. So visit here and  make them reach goals by reaching more people.

5. Mr. techy:

Good phone review youtuber: Mr.Techy
Mr. Techy

Wanna view indepth information about phones, like a phone’s drop test or water test and many more, this is the perfect place for you. The best part, the videos are in hindi, so its commendable to see the effective work this channel is doing in spreading mobile phone knowledge to the niche. I must commend, “well done”.

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