Top 7 Batsmen of All Time

Love cricket? Which of the batsmen have been your all-time favorites? Well, the world of cricket has given birth to several immensely talented sportsmen. From the earliest star of the game W.G Grace to Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, cricket has witnessed several wonders in the field of batting.

Here is a list of 7 best batsmen in the world of cricket through decades:

  1. W.G. Grace – England

William Gilbert Grace, the player of England from the era of 1800s was officially the first cricket star. This star is easily identified by his beard (a bushy one). Grace displayed his talent at a time when there were no high-tech bats. The players were also deprived of high end protective gear used these days. Experts believe that he’s the kind of player the world will never get to see.

  1. Don Bradman – Australia

People know this great cricketer as the ‘Great Don’. The aura of Bradman is such that each legendary batsman is compared with his unparalleled skill, enigma, and charm. This Australian had finished with an average that went on to become the most celebrated record in the field of sports.

Excelling the game Bradman played, he successfully touched the zeniths in the sports world. He is known and literally worshipped for his superhuman stats. The great player managed to imprint himself as the embodiment of mortal success.

  1. Ricky Ponting – Australia

The dominant and immensely talented captain of the world cricket, Ponting has been steadily offering winning performances for his Australian fans. Aussies have enjoyed several remarkable victories including the most coveted World Cup through their inimitable captain. Ponting is also celebrated for holding a number of records and reaching more than 10,000 amazing Test match runs.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar – India

This cricket wonder has been given many titles including Master Blaster, The Little Master, among many others. Cricketers, critics, fans, and experts from all over the world regard this all-rounder as the best of all time. Tendulkar is a legend of cricket in true sense. He has been conferred upon with god-like status in home country. Tendulkar is among one of the only 3 cricketers to score more than 11,000 Test match runs.

  1. Sunil Gavaskar – India

Gavaskar is known to be one of the greatest players in the history of cricket. This opening batsman of India has no one to match the level of expertise. It is true that Gavaskar played during the era when the Indian cricket team didn’t acquire much fame and success internationally. However, as a player and captain of team, he outshone as a batter. This great player is yet another to achieve more than ten thousand test runs.

  1. Sir Viv Richards – West Indies

Although not officially ranked as an all-rounder, this cricket star from West Indies could easily deliver ball and knock it out of park. The swagger of Richards became legendary. This cricketer was mostly seen chewing gum. He also opted for a cap instead of a helmet. As a tremendous player, Richards easily managed to drive out some of the best bowlers of his time. For more information or the latest cricket news headlines, visit

  1. Brian Lara – West Indies

Cricket fans must be aware of Lara and his unbeatable charisma. Ranked as the greatest run scorer ever in the history of test match, Lara has an unmatched 11,953 runs to his credit. A hot favorite among millions across the globe, fans never managed to erase memories of his legendary records including 400 not-out for West Indies against England and the impressive 501 not-out played for Warwickshire against Durham. All of these remain unbeaten records till date. Brian Lara amazed and thrilled the crowds all through his career.

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