7 initial steps on How To Develop An Android App?

What Is An Android App?

Android apps are the software application that works on Android platforms. Android apps mainly built for mobile devices, also typical android apps works on smartphones, tablets, and PC.

7 Initial Steps Of Developing An Android App

  • Idea

The very first step of developing an app is getting an idea, every app starts with a foundation of a new idea.

  • Market Research

After getting the idea, you should research your market and understand the needs of your audience so that you can modify your idea according to the needs of your target group. Do extensive market research. Make sure that you target only specific user types. your app could be targeted towards only business minded people or may be to doctors. So with the help of ‘Specific User Types’ strategy, you can easily ratify your app.

  • Establish App Goals

Once you understand your market and validate your idea, you will be able to set your goals. At this stage, you have to do self-analysis of your idea and determine that what you seek from the app you are going to develop. List down your desired goals and move to the next stage.

  • Design

The duration of designing stage depends on your project scope, designing can be done within an hour or it may take lots of days it completely depends that what is your idea and how you are going to execute it. This is the stage when you design that how your app will look and what feature will be there to serve your target group. Work on wireframes and storyboards it will give you an insight into your app functionality.

  • Development

Once you get done with your storyboards and wireframes, you need to move app developers and get a suitable developing methodology. There are following methodologies available so you have to choose on the basis of audience need and your goals:

  • Agile Methods
  • Crystal Methods
  • Dynamic Systems Development Model
  • Joint Application Development
  • Lean Development
  • Extreme Programming
  • Spiral
  • Scrum
  • System Development Life Cycle
  • Testing

It’s better to test your app before launching it so that you can check the efficiency and can assure yourself that whether your app is user-friendly or not.

You can test  your app on various parameters:

  • Relative advantages

This is the degree to measure that ‘Is your app able to take place of old existing apps or not?’.

  • Compatibility

It is the key to adoption of your idea. Here, you test that is your app compatible with the needs of consumers.

  • Security

At this stage, you check the security level of your app, because being a sever it is your duty to ensure your customer’s security.

  • Operations Complexity

This stage measures the degree that how easy and difficult the app is to understand and use.

  • Launch

Once you get assure the development of your app you move to launch it and try to diffuse it to as many as users possible. There are many ways to launch your app and creating a buzz.

  • App Store Optimization
  • SEO
  • Website or Landing Page
  • Mailing Lists
  • Paid Ads
  • Public Relations

To conclude we can say that the gratification from clients is the only thing which inspires us to work. We are here to serve you with the best applications and software. We offer you with various Android app developers. Choose according to your needs and be the happy customer.

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