Amazon planning to launch Personal assistant Alexa in India this year

 Amazon launching Alexa in 2014 in India.      Alexa is the intelligent personal assistant that is very much capable of voice interactions along with that.  It can also  play music and can even reply to your usual questions. it is quiet similar to the Google Assistant Siri.


In CES 2017, it is noticed that almost every company is integrating the Alexa in their technology. No matter if it is a Toaster making company or refrigerators or Robots. In addition, Amazon also thought that it is about time to launch the Amazon Echo along with the integrated Alexa in India. The news of launch came through the two inside people. Who have complete knowledge of technical department of Amazon to Factor Daily.

It is said that Amazon is putting together the required content and localizing the service. Moreover,  Amazon is going under the process of preparation of their launch. And including that comes the testing, checking feasibility and carrying out the speed with the inventory.


Amazon might be the first company to launch Alexa technology in India.

Well! till date this is just a news because if everything and every phase does not proceed smoothly it might be the case that Amazon fails to launch their Alexa Powered Amazon Echo in India. However, The competition is again the challenge. Moreover,  Google Home is one of the strongest competitor to the Amazon Echo and it has been heard that Amazon’s product performs better than Google Home.

With the amazing history of Amazon launching the products like Amazon Prime Video as well as Amazon. Now, It is assumed that they will become quiet successful with the launch of Alexa Powered Amazon Echo.


it is assumed that with the launch of Alexa by Amazon. Many industries will enjoy the benefit of integrating artificial intelligence to their products. “Well! You can definitely Expect more now”.

Some Brilliant features of Alexa Powered Amazon Echo to be praised

if Alexa makes it to India this year the revolution will begin in the internet here. with it you will be having the control over everything with just one device in hand and with everything I mean all your electronics.

With this, you can request for any sort of information, weather updates, set alarms and update yourself with latest news.

 Moreover, the best part to see is what will Amazon’s rival.  Flipkart brings to the cart to compete with this Alexa of Amazon.

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