APFS -A New Update for iPhone Users

It’s time to thanks Apple’s new file system, known by the name of APFS. The Apple File System was a introduction dating back to Apple’s 2016 Worldwide Developer’s Conference. The APFS is capable enough to replace the Hierarchical File System that was been used from three decades in one or other forms.



The APFS would be proven helpful in improving storage efficiency and it is designed in a way that will give many advantages offered by solid state media. We can rely on completely that it will spread across all of the Apple’s devices, from the high-end MacBook Pro to the other products including the Apple Watch. But the HFS+ would get replaced that was been running from around twenty years. From few million of devices to billion devices, and from kilobytes to megabytes of data to gigabytes, and beyond, we have gone through the Mac to iPhone, Apple TV, iPad and Apple Watch. Through all the way, we have seen HFS+ & its heroic crew have managed to keep it running. But to give a fresh approach to the techy future. It won’t be a good idea to keep it running in red.


Talking about the consistency, HFS+ runs on all of the Apple’s devices at present. But the difference is just of implementation across various devices. Encryption is one of the key areas. That simply means different source codes and separate maintenance.  Moreover, APFS is devised to actually scale consistency across Apple’s devices, making sure that it allows for an only code base with the help of few resources to be developed and maintained.


Speed and speed is the major thing liked by the techy youth. APFS would allow you to have a great deal of speed. It would be as faster as to reach for a drink on the table next to you than to have to get up and go get it from the fridge. APFS would do various things to make Apple devices faster. It would also do directory resizing faster. Which simply states that now you don’t have to wait to see how big a directory is. If you was in the practice of looking into it.


As APFS is coming for the first time with its new generation, it’s pretty obvious everything might not be available. If you’ve updated to iOS 10.3, congrats you are on APFS. IOS with its contained and controlled environment. However, Mind it no transition is 100% safe, but iOS is as safe as they come. If you’re on the macOS Sierra beta, you can play nearby the APFS but some of the limitations would be faced by you.

If you haven’t update your iPhone to iOS 10.3. Then you should now as you will get an extra gigabyte or more storage space available on your phone. You would find that extra space in phone’s internal memory. The most useful section you would find would be the “Password and Security Section”. On the right the top of the new screen which will allow you to change iCloud password. And setup a two-factor authentication. The big and useful thing was available earlier too but was not available as it was in a non-obvious place.

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