Bitbucket, The Best Coding Teamwork Platform

It is quiet often observed that how easy it is to work with the small team but, when gradually the team strength increases it becomes little troublesome for most of us to manage every teammate. with the increasing team members it becomes quite challenging to communicate with every member and not only communication but, it also becomes difficult maintain the record and verify the work.


it is quiet familiar fact that every developer working in team knows that how important it is to revise the control system continuously and It can also be said  that revision control system is the key behind the team collaboration on the cloud. Among the managing services is the famous Bitbucket that helps you manage the files on cloud while offering the plethora of many other features.

Features that make  Bitbucket an ultimate choice for developers working in team:

#1: Flexibility

Bitbucket is platform that helps you manage the small team working on a single project effectively and the best part is it is not limited to small team, you can definitely manage the large team spreading all over the globe as well. the feature that I personally like the most is, it can either be deployed on company’s cloud or can also be deployed on its own server. With this feature, Bitbucket becomes capable of performing god even in slow connection or any bandwidth issue.

Additional Advantages:

This server offers

  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • Fine Grained Permission controls
  • Super fast access
  • 24*7 support

#2 Continuous Delivery with Awesome Collaboration

it is one of the best platform that is based on the cloud Technology and that it made to offer end-to-end visibility from the very start that is beginning of deployment. the support given for the pull requests and inline comments makes the Bitbucket’s Collaboration very easy.

What is Pull Request for?

Well! Pull requests makes it very easy to review the code

What Inline Comment is for?

Inline comments are for helping the entire team understand the implementation of one another.

#3 Coming To Scalability

Scalability in the IT is a very keen and important part of any service that developer opt for. When it comes to Bitbucket, this platform is very scalable and the best part is as your team will grow this will grow with it. Moreover, with this server active-active clustering as well as smart monitoring facilities are also available.

#4 Integration with Popular Technologies

Integration of the Bitbucket is possible with the JIRA. HipChat as well as Bamboo that not only facilitates the end-to-end visibility. But, also provides automation to your entire development projects.

These are few features that I found quite useful in Bitbucket. Stay with us for more amazing blogs regarding the famous and best technology around you that can prove useful in many ways.


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