The camera application: some new details, but few changes

Day, night, indoors, outdoors … we are talking about the Galaxy S8 camera that is not afraid of any scenario, and if we let it be the HDR Mode that decides under what conditions the color improvement in the Photographs, then what we get will be scores of ten. It is true that the HDR gives a very saturated touch to the scenes in the exterior. But precisely because of that you get those results. So striking at first glance, Each one who values what kind of photographs they like the most. The supreme picture quality and camera in the next flagship of Samsung. The Galaxy S9, will make you fall in love with it. The 16MP+16MP Dual-lens primary camera and 8MP front camera of Galaxy S9 is enough to beat its rivals – LG G7, iPhone 8 etc.

Galaxy S9

The performance of the Galaxy S9 camera in pictures of objects at close range is especially striking. Exhibits awesome modes – autofocus, slow-motion; Autofocus always detects the object to which we want to give prominence to the scene. Does it without needing that we have to correct it manually at any moment. According to the investor, after each shot, the results of macro photography are simply spectacular. The detail, colors, and focus that this camera gets have nothing to envy even semi-professional cameras.

But one thing is the numbers, and another, the experience of use. We have been using the Samsung Galaxy S8 as the main phone for weeks. Also, if anything we can make clear in this section is that there is no task that pulls the colors to the power of this terminal. We can move from one app to another without noticing any hang. Although, we have not found a single application (not even Photoshop Express, for example) in which the performance was not fluid. We hope the same for upcoming champion Samsung Galaxy S9 that it would bring us more joy with its spectacular camera feature having realistic effects.

Camera Models

In the following lines we will talk long and hard about the camera of this terminal, but before allow us to take advantage of this analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S8 to explain also quickly that, to date, in the market are sold two versions of this phone with two Different camera models. One has a sensor signed by Samsung itself (the S5K2L2), and the other, a sensor signed by Sony (the IMX333). We’ll get to know more about the camera of Galaxy S9 when the phone will unveil.

Two Versions

The two versions are identical as far as camera specification are concerned for Galaxy S8, and the only reason Samsung has decided to rely on Sony for some of its high-end mobile units lies in ensuring that there is always sufficient stock of sensors for the camera of this flagship. When you go to buy the S8, you can touch one or the other sensor randomly, and you will not know which of the two brings your unit until you have the mobile in hand. Hope, Galaxy S9 will match to its rumors, news, and expectations.

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