Is GPS Applications Making our Brains Dumb?

The Issue

There was a time when if we want to reach a particular spot, we used to keep asking the people on our way, what to take next right or left in order to reach our desired location or spot. But, it was about the older times, and then one pleasant day we came to know about the navigation apps. We started using them too, everything was made easier and without any stoppage.

Now we can reach to a certain place without asking for help and without using our mind too. The day we started using the navigation apps, have we ever thought will our brain become dumb? Or the one who launched the app thought this so? Well in today’s growing world no one has that much time to waste upon thinking a lot about the pros and cons of a situation. The new study about the navigation apps and our brain has come. Proceed further to know what it’s all about.


Neurosciences and cognitive scientists from University College London has came forward with a study showing how mental power from people who follow navigation apps from memory is much higher than those who still follow turn-by –turn directions. The brain activities of two dozens of participants were tracked while they were navigating the London neighborhood of Soho. There were two tests held, the first one was that the participants had to get to a particular destination on their own. Meanwhile in the second one the participants were asked to take help from the navigation apps. The results come out to be that those using their memory to reach to a destination had higher brain activity that those using the navigation apps.

“That might well not good for you”, Hugo Spier commented. “It would be the best to give your brain a little bit of workout”. The people who were using their memory were performing really well. showing more activity in their hippocampus.  Which is a part of the brain linked with emotion, memory, and the automation nervous system. Spier said that activity would boost up with the streets complexity. And the brain activity would not rise up with the GPS scenario. If still the people remain dependent on the GPS apps, then they could have risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, as parts of the hippocampus could weaken if people continue with the GPS apps.


To upgrade ourselves with the time is important and very much important. But, upgrading ourselves with the new technologies doesn’t simply imply to stop making our brains to work and just follow the steps which are already made up for us. To let ourselves stay away from dementia (a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental process). Alzheimer’s disease (a commonest cause of premature senility that can occur in middle or old age due to generalized degeneration). It is important to make the correct steps as soon as possible. Otherwise we would be left with nothing other than the apps in this changing world.

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