5 important elements to design a timeless business logo!

Beyond the boundaries of language, there is one language understood by all; a language of signs, a language of art, a language of “Logo design”.

In today’s digital world, the business operates beyond national boundaries. The global business market is beyond any comprehension of language barriers.

Now, for businesses operating at global scale, not everyone will relate to your language, but one thing that can be related by everyone is the brand logo. Large

Just say the words “Coca-Cola”, or “Pepsi” or “Mc Donald”, within seconds your mind will bring out sketchy images of logos used by these famous brands. Even if a person can’t read Coca-Cola or Mc Donald, he will still be able to recognize the brand, based on their logos.

So, a professional logo design is the greatest marketing tool businesses ever came across. At one side, it covers the commercial branding aspect for businesses, while at the other end it builds the brand recognition.

A great logo design comes with its own set of elements. It’s shape, colors, fonts, visuals, and overall feel covers the whole essence of the business model. Keeping all the elements of a logo intact help make it distinguished, recognizable, credible, and timeless.

That’s why you just can’t rely on clip art pasting to get the logo design done. Remember, this symbol is going to be your company’s most precious possession, which will help relate customers to your brand.

It is because of such importance of logo design that businesses tend to rely on professional logo design services to get things done the right way.

Here we will be looking at some key elements of a brand logo design that may help you come up with a stunning, timeless logo for your brand:


Business logo isn’t meant to be amateurish, or unprofessional. A brand’s logo design should be clean, and professional. It should symbolize credibility; so customers or businesses can confidently relate to it. To put it simply, a professional brand logo design doesn’t have any room for clip art and all such crap items built with free logo generators.


Over-complication isn’t the solution for right brand logo design.

You need to keep your business logo straightforward and simple. It should be able to communicate your business model effectively, without complicating things.

The fonts should be standardized, so as to keep the text easily readable. Don’t try to overdo the design, giving it amateurish looks. Never try to mess things up with more than two different fonts.

            – Distinctive

If over complication is not the answer, then oversimplification is neither the answer as well.

You need to set your brand apart.

An ideal brand logo is unique, distinctive, and easily recognizable from competitors. A good practice is to look around for competitors’ logo and come up with something that really sets your logo apart from the rest.

–           Versatility

Logos are made to be compatible with all marketing campaigns.

A business logo design should be compatible with all marketing formats including, your website, flyers, banners, business cards, magazines, and others. It should be scalable to smallest portions, as well as to largest portions.


Can’t stress the importance of targeted logo design enough!

The first and foremost rule for any marketing campaign is to identify your potential target audience. You just can’t randomly design a logo and hope it suits well to all set of audience.

Your logo should be a reflection of your business model, and your business model should be related to the potential target audience. For instance, if you are designing a logo for the older generation, you can’t go with small font sizes or flashy graphics.

Let your business fly high and above the competitors!

A professionally designed logo that keeps checking on all important elements gives your business a real boost over competitors.

We have helped hundreds of small businesses grow out of their shell with our professional logo design services. Our logos are meant to reflect your company’s mission and business model. Let us design your brand logo, as you take off your business to new horizons.

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